Design Resources For Small Businesses

I am Giving Away All My Secrets

Are you a small business owner who wears many hats? Maybe you do all the accounting, sales, and desi...

The World’s Best Client

We have had the fortunate experience of working with some awesome people. Many just like us decided to start their own business, some of our clients are local and some we have never even met in person.

A Brand is a Way of Life

You Have a Logo, Now What?

I have said it before: Branding is More than a Logo! Branding involves colors, typefaces and how you use imagery. Maybe you have a basic idea of how you want your brand to feel; or maybe you have even gone through a rebrand with Dox Design (Hi client, we love you!).

Picture Perfect

Do you find yourself constantly searching for the perfect picture to post? Or maybe you aren’t super stratified with the images you have on your website?

Keeping the Momentum

Good Vibes Only

In my early days, I worked for a few clients where they wanted a certain promotion and it resulted in some backlash because of the messaging.

Boots & Barkley

Dolla, Dolla Bill

It used to make me extremely mad when people would ask for a logo or an advertisement and then would say, “Just try some things and let’s see if I like it; then I will pay you.”

The Thrasher and De-Fluffer

Meet the Developer

There is No Box

I believe that if you want something to happen bad enough, it will happen. I don't like to use the phrase "think outside of the box," because I don't think there is such a thing as "the box." Opportunities are endless and you should never feel restricted.

Does Your Cousin Fix Your Car?

Is Your Business Hot or Cold?

No, we aren’t talking about weather in today’s blog post. We are talking about which colors are right for your brand. So, what does hot and cold have to do with the colors for your brand, you ask? Well, let’s jump right in.

Did You Just Share a Post Without a Photo?

Now, I don’t pretend to be a SEO master, or a guru of digital marketing. So I’m going to stick to my expertise here, the thing I do know quite a bit about: design. Is it really that important to use a photo with social media posts to catch a potential customer eye? Consider this from Hubspot’s 2...

I Call My Dogs Everyday

Peanut Butter & Websites

Do you have a new business idea and need a website right away? Great! You came to the right place. We at Dox Design want your business to succeed and grow! So, if you currently don’t have a logo for your brand or any sense of your visual direction, I am going to stop you right here. Why?

 You MUST ...

Welcome to the Pack

Hi there, nice to meet you! My name is Kaila and I am the founder, head creative, and dog mom of Dox Design Studio. (If you poked around the site, you probably already knew that!)

My Dog is a Badass

Branding is More Than a Logo

I have seen it too many times. A brand finds a premade logo on Pinterest or Creative Market and replaces the “Your Name Here” with their business name. They then slap it on everything and think, “Our marketing is done!”

What’s Up With The Dogs?

I get asked this question a lot; “So, what do you do?” (It’s usually this exact question or some variation of it.) Me: "I run a design studio that focuses on designing for pet businesses.” Kind Person: But, why dog? What’s up with that? LOL, crazy dog lady huh? Me:*Blank Stare Okay, you got me! I do...