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I need a color palette
I need social media templates
I need a brand
I need some visual guidance
I need brand guidelines

I need a phone app
I need a email template
I need a website
I need a landing page
I need a smarter interface

Welcome to Dox Design. We elevate business brands to “Best in Class” with #droolworthy design that will make your customers beg for more.

An Honest Look Into The Design Process – Our Design Process

Whenever I onboard a new client, I always get asked about 10,000 questions about our process—which is totally valid! Dox Design does our best to be as transparent as possible to give clients a step-by-step timeline of what we’ll be

All Good Results Require Time –  Dox Design’s  Timeline  

Have you heard the term “scope creep” bandied around the internet? Scope creep refers to the gradual growth of a project, whether intentional or not, without a respective increase in price. Often it occurs becau…

 Branding is More Than A Logo – Invest in Your Brand 

I have seen it too many times. A brand finds a premade logo on Pinterest or Creative Market and replaces the “Your Name Here” with their business name. They then slap it on everything and think, “Our market…

Custom graphics that will make your customer drool

According to HubSpot, studies show that people have the ability to recall 65% of the visual content that they see almost three days later. Lets make your brand even more memorable!

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