Welcome to Dox Design

We are a Grand Rapids based design and development studio that focuses on creating compelling designs for pet businesses.

Design you can drool over

Our mission is to create designs that make your customers stop and relate, that make them think this business gets my problems, and I want what they are selling. Not just a pretty picture with some words, but an emotion behind every design.

Whether it is a beautifully crafted logo or a well thought-out website, we put your customer at the core of what we do. Every color we choose, every screen flow we map out has a rhyme and a reason. We get it, and our designs will help your customers get it too.

Do you only design for pet businesses?

We get this question a lot. The answer is no. We love all businesses (small and big) and will create for each and every one. But we especially love those that help our furry friends.

As a mother & father to two mischievous Dachshunds (Finley and Ferb), we can’t help but relate to the average pet consumer. We also love hearing about your pet business and why you do what you do. It inspires us and makes our work that much more fulfilling.

So, long story short, we don’t only design for pet businesses, but it’s our specialty, and we love every minute of it.


Kaila Piepkow

Founder, Creative Director & Mother of Dachshunds

Kaila has a knack for bringing people’s visions to life. Whether it is a killer business system, or a trendy storefront, she loves to take a feeling and turn it into a tactile thing that lives in the world. After a few years working in the agency world for large companies like Georgia-Pacific and Meijer, Kaila decided to take her knowledge of design and love for dogs and combine them into one, creating Dox Design®. When she isn’t behind the screen, you can find her walking her and Jordan’s dogs in downtown Grand Rapids or sitting on the porch of Founder’s enjoying a Nitro Rubeus.

Jordan Piepkow

Lead Developer, Technology Expert & Star Trek Fanatic

Jordan is thorough. It is just the way he has always been. There is usually not a thing that gets past him. It is one of the reasons he and Kaila work so well together as partners in life and business. He is a fountain of knowledge on the newest technologies and software solutions. As a full stack developer, he is a bit of a unicorn. He can create a front-end experience for any website and can also create more complicated web and mobile application. When Jordan is done coding, he can be found catching up on the latest Sci-Fi or playing tug-of-war with his and Kaila’s doxies.