Our team will help you elevate your brand as a stand-out Top Dog in your industry with #droolworthy design that resonates with your ideal audience!

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Have you felt these problems? Dox Design Can Help

Constantly feeling major brand envy with your competitors? 

It’s a Tuesday night, and you find yourself in black hole of the internet, stalking your competitors’ websites and social media. You’re asking yourself questions like, “How do their brands look so polished?” and, “How did they learn to design like that?” You’re not alone. Truthfully, it’s pretty unlikely they did any of that design or branding work themselves, and they’ve probably felt the same way you’re feeling right now, too!

Wearing too many hats, pushing design to the wayside?

On top of the laundry list of projects and tasks you have to complete for your customers as well as your own business, the absolute last thing you want to do is cut-and-paste graphics in your moments of spare time. So, it gets put on the back burner, or you move through these tasks quickly, compromising consistent brand standards. You recognize that this can’t continue, and to achieve the highest quality brand, you’ll need a little (or a lotta) help. 

Has your business quickly outgrown its visuals?

That quicky logo you hired a freelancer for at the beginning stages of your business may have done the trick when you were first starting out, but now you’re realizing it’s not quite an accurate reflection of the big plans you’ve envisioned for your brand moving forward. Your products/services are more elevated than your current branding, and you know that achieving an extra layer of legitimacy is critical to propel your business to the next level.

What you get when branding with our team…

4-6 weeks starting at 3 payments of $2,500

logos of Lake Erie Pet Food Co., The Barkday Planer, and Renzo Ruby

Custom Logo Suite
We believe that each brand is uniquely its own—no questions asked— and that’s why we do everything, including logo design, from scratch— you’ll get a 100% custom to you logo suite that includes a flexible system you can use across multiple mediums.

Three illustrations of dogs on a leash, bandana, and dog bone

Social Media Bundle
A custom designed profile and cover image plus 4 ready to use social media templates in Adobe Illustrator or Canva. If you are a Canva fan we also will set up your brand kit.

three images of different branding messages

Your Visual Toolbox
From a custom color palette, font selections, illustrations, hand crafted icons, patterns and more Dox Design will give you all the parts and pieces to create your visual brand story.

Three client brand guideline documents

Brand Guidelines
This pulls together all of your brand identity pieces in one place. This is an in depth document with everything you will need to successfully use your new brand.
Click here to see an example.

Also ask about our website, packaging design, and copywriting add-ons

Our Signature Branding Package…

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Attracts your ideal customers

When you have a deep understanding of your ideal customer, and #droolworthy branding and design created specifically to resonate with your ideal customer, then you’re able to turn one-time buyers into loyal customers for LIFE. That’s the key to growing your business—and it all begins with branding and design.

hand holding up a graph of growth

Converts to sales & growth

When you have #droolworthy branding and design in place, created specifically with your ideal customer in mind, that’s when the magic happens. What if you could see a 229% increase in your online sales, like Dogs of Charm City? Or 200 new orders after a brand relaunch, like Puppy Paws Coffee Company? Or a 100% increase in Instagram followers like Modern Companion? This can be you, too, fur friend!

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Gives you the tools you need to succeed!

When we create your branding and design, we set you up for success with an entire toolkit with everything you need to maintain a consistent, #droolworthy presence that stands out. Your brand toolkit will include fonts, color palette, fonts, custom-designed brand patterns and icons, illustrations, and more so you can feel confident carrying your brand EVERYWHERE.

Don’t just take our word for it.

“Dox Design can deliver exactly what you want…but, I’m confident in saying it may even be a better version. I’ve worked with many designers and Kaila and her team at Dox Design are definitely my favorite!"

Candace of Pet Boss Nation
Branding and Print Design

“Our first year in business, we were experimenting with design and it was a mess. I did not feel confident with our overall “look” and it held us back from growing as a company. Dox Design was able to combine my ideas with their design skills taking our business to the next level."

Tonja Osborne of Puppy Paws Coffe Co.
Branding and Packaging Design

“From the very beginning Kaila and her team took great care in creating my brand… The logo is perfect, the packaging for our cookies is fun . . . Dox Design was able to help me articulate what was on my heart and mind for this project as if it were their own passion."

Teresa Hogge of Cookies For A Cute
Branding and Packaging Design

Woman kneeling next to dog

“Working with Dox Design has felt effortless, and their creativity and quality has truly exceeded my highest expectations. Kaila’s passion and excitement behind her work made it really fun to work together.”

Dogs of Charm City

Woman with arms crossed smiling

“The Dox team has taken my brand to the next level and more importantly to me, allowed my to enjoy peaceful family time knowing my brand was in great hands. I look forward to working with Dox on more projects and sharing with my whole community! I’m forever grateful!”

Renzo & Ruby

Woman smiling at Dalmatian

“Allowing Dox to take control and improve upon my brand was one of the best decisions I could make for my business. I’ve already received so many compliments from my customers and retailers about the rebrand.”

Modern Companion

Not quite ready for a rebrand?
Check out some other ways to work with the Dox Design Team…

Course documents and worksheets

DIY Branding Course

Our 5-day DIY Branding Course comes with all the tools you need to build your own brand from scratch! This self-led course walks you through the exact process we take our clients through to create a #droolworthy brand from start to finish.

This course also grants you exclusive access to our logo library of over 100 logo combinations, plus pre-made color palettes, font pairings, custom patterns, and more!

standing dog talking on the phone

Book an Hour Consult Call

In need of a little clarity for your brand, or help workshopping a design problem? Our 1-hour consultation calls are perfect for when you have just one or two questions you’re stuck on!

You’ll have one hour of undivided attention from Kaila, Owner/Founder/Creative Director of Dox Design to support you with your quick branding and design needs, at an approachable, budget-friendly price point.

You might have questions… we have answers.

What does the branding process look like?

First, head here to submit an inquiry!

If we feel you are a good fit, we’ll follow up with a formal contract and invoice. We won’t move on to the next step without these points signed, sealed and delivered (for your protection as well as ours). After dotting our I’s and crossing our T’s contractually, we’ll give you an in-depth questionnaire to answer all your burning brand questions to get down to the heart of your brand and guide our design decisions.

Exploration Phase
Before we start the design process, we do research on your brand and will present you with a moodboard to make sure we are visually on the same page. 

Sketching Phase
When we agree on the direction, our team will get to work on making your brand dreams into a reality. After everything is in tip-top shape, we will present the brand to you. Take some time to sit with your brand and, if needed, we’ll work through any revisions. 

Wrap up and Deliverables
Once you love the brand (95% of our clients have NO changes after the brand presentation) we will finalize all the files for you. 


Watch this video here for more info on our process: https://youtu.be/0mbSTnEzd28​

How long does it take to complete my brand?

It typically takes 6 weeks for us to complete a brand depending on what add-ons you have selected (copywriting, packaging design, website design, etc.) 

Exploration Phase: 1 Week
Sketching Phase: 2 Weeks
Revisions: 1 Week
Wrap Up And Final Export: 2 week


View an example timeline here

How will we communicate throughout the creation process?

At the start of your project, we will create a workspace for you on the easy-to-use program, Honeybooks.

We’ll check in with you via email for the Exploration Phase, and the brand presentation will be done over a quick 15 minute call. All subsequent feedback will be done through email, with the final files delivered through Google Drive. 

If you wish to schedule additional calls throughout the process, no problem! We have a link where you can book them, but note that calls under an hour will still be billed an hourly rate for our time.

What if I want to keep my logo?

We have quite a few clients who go through our Signature Branding Process with a logo they want to keep. As we always say here at Dox Design: a brand is more than a logo. Our team will build your new brand around the existing logo, creating something new and exciting (and #droolworthy!) that expands the familiar design you love. 

We will also provide a few tweaks to refresh it and offer multiple versions of your logo so you can use it across multiple mediums. 

A few projects where we went this route can be found below: 

Modern Dog Co
Eola Pets

Note: Keeping your existing logo will not impact the price of our branding package.

How will I implement my new brand?

Our team organizes your new brand in a way that is easy for you to use across all mediums. We provide you with all finalized files organized in all formats you will need as well as brand guidelines to keep your brand consistent. We also organize your Canva to facilitate building new projects for your new brand. 

Need extra support implementing your new brand? Check out our Design Lab an exclusive program just for our branding clients!

What if I want to make changes to my new brand?
No sweat! While many of our clients find they don’t need changes after the brand presentation, we are more than happy to work through revisions. Just communicate your changes with our team, and we will confirm with you before implementing them. Revisions take about a week, and we will do up to two rounds on your brand.
What if I don’t like my new brand?
Luckily, this has never been an issue! Our process is innately collaborative, and you will be involved every step of the way to make sure you leave our program with an end result you love.
How do I pay for my new brand?

Our two payment options for the Signature Branding Package are:

Three monthly payments starting at $2,500 paid first to secure your start date, on your start date, and before the final files are delivered.

Paying in full, in which case we offer a $1,000 deduction!

Do you trademark my new brand?

As we aren’t lawyers ourselves we cannot assist that process, but we are more than happy to connect you with contacts we have worked with in the past! 

We want to make sure your name is usable, so we ask that you check your business name isn’t trademarked by another company prior to signing up for our branding process. 

If your chosen name is not available, we offer naming services to work with you before passing you on to a lawyer for trademarking!

What if I want to add on a website redesign after my rebrand?

Amazing! Make sure to ask about this option on your call with our team.

We work in Wix, Squarespace, and Shopify to create your branded website, and the design usually adds another 6 weeks to the project.

Pricing varies depending on what you are looking for, but websites typically start at $4,000 for Squarespace and Wix and $7,000 for Shopify. 

All our website add ons include:
-Custom Design
-Mobile Friendly
-Tutorial Videos
-Up to 10 pages (one product and shop page, product input not included)

What if I have packaging design I need help with?

Dox Design has all your packaging needs covered! We offer our standard packaging program, and can discuss custom packaging options. 

Our standard program delivers #droolworthy designs for a mailer box, tissue paper, and an insert. We use online providers such as Packlane and Uprinting for printing purposes, and design on premade templates. Learn more about our standard program here!

We also offer custom packaging design options, which will be a little more involved.

If you decide to go this route, let us know and our team will create the dieline (what the printer needs to print) ourselves. Keep in mind that we make everything from scratch and create prototypes for custom packaging, so these designs will be priced accordingly.

Want to hire our team for a rebrand?

Got Brand Envy?

Download our free worksheet for five tips on how to create a better brand.

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