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Constantly feeling major brand envy with your competitors? 

It’s a Tuesday night, and you find yourself in black hole of the internet, stalking your competitors’ websites and social media. You’re asking yourself questions like, “How do their brands look so polished?” and, “How did they learn to design like that?” You’re not alone. Truthfully, it’s pretty unlikely they did any of that design or branding work themselves, and they’ve probably felt the same way you’re feeling right now, too!

Wearing too many hats, pushing design to the wayside?

On top of the laundry list of projects and tasks you have to complete for your customers as well as your own business, the absolute last thing you want to do is cut-and-paste graphics in your moments of spare time. So, it gets put on the back burner, or you move through these tasks quickly, compromising consistent brand standards. You recognize that this can’t continue, and to achieve the highest quality brand, you’ll need a little (or a lotta) help. 

Has your business quickly outgrown its visuals?

That quicky logo you hired a freelancer for at the beginning stages of your business may have done the trick when you were first starting out, but now you’re realizing it’s not quite an accurate reflection of the big plans you’ve envisioned for your brand moving forward. Your products/services are more elevated than your current branding, and you know that achieving an extra layer of legitimacy is critical to propel your business to the next level.

How We Help You

Our goal at Dox Design is to give you the tools you need to be confident in your brand. That means giving you WAY more then a simple logo to be set up for success. Check out below to see allllll the tools you get through our Signature Branding Program.

Logo Suite
A flexible system to use across all mediums

Colors and Fonts
A robust formula so your brand is always fresh

Icon Pack
Custom icons that your competitors can’t swipe

Illustrations, Taglines, & More
The special sauce that makes your brand stand out

Consider us your branding tour guide.
You’ll love working with Dox if…

✔  You’ve been in business for 2–5 years
and you’re ready to grow even more!

✔  You know your ideal customer
and know you need your brand on point to grab their attention.

✔  You trust the branding & design professionals
and are prepared to hear our honest evaluation and recommendations.


Don’t just take our word for it.

“Working with Dox Design has felt effortless, and their creativity and quality has truly exceeded my highest expectations. Kaila’s passion and excitement behind her work made it really fun to work together.”

Dogs of Charm City

“The Dox team has taken my brand to the next level and more importantly to me, allowed my to enjoy peaceful family time knowing my brand was in great hands. I look forward to working with Dox on more projects and sharing with my whole community! I’m forever grateful!”

Renzo & Ruby

“Allowing Dox to take control and improve upon my brand was one of the best decisions I could make for my business. I’ve already received so many compliments from my customers and retailers about the rebrand.”

Modern Companion

Sounds like a match made in heaven right? 
So now what…

1.  Scroll below to read all about our
Signature Branding Program
and how our tried and true process WILL get your the results you are looking for in your business.

2.  Apply to work with us, if you are a good fit our team will get back to you in 48 hours.

3.  Secure your branding start date and the team of Dox Design will lead you every step of the way towards the brand of your dreams.


Our Signature Branding Program

4-6 weeks starting at 3 payments of $2,000

 ✔ Custom Logo Suite
We believe that each brand is uniquely its own—no questions asked— and that’s why we do everything, including logo design, from scratch— you’ll get a 100% custom to you logo suite that includes a flexible system you can use across multiple mediums.

Social Media Bundle
A custom designed profile and cover image plus 4 ready to use social media templates in Adobe Photoshop or Canva. If you are a Canva fan we also will set up your brand kit.

 Your Visual Toolbox
From a custom color palette, illustrations, hand crafted icons, patterns and more Dox Design will give you all the parts and pieces to create your visual brand story.
Click here to see an example.

✔ Brand Guidelines
This pulls together all of your brand identity pieces in one place. This is an in depth document with everything you will need to successfully use your new brand.
Click here to see an example.

Also ask about our website, packaging design, and company naming options

We Do The Work, You See The Results!

From doubling sales to hitting 10k followers the week of their brand launch, our clients are a testament to our proven process that works. Check out some of our faves below.

Banjos Bows

Natalie Copywriting

Modern Companion

Ready To Grow Your Business?

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