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You Got Daphne the Poodle 

Aka A Classic + Clean Brand Vibe.

Oooo lala, très magnifique! Your brand vibe is classic + clean, bringing alllllll of the sophisticated vibes to your industry, like the fabulous Daphne the Poodle. Daphne is the refined, classy pooch in her pack, and has a deep appreciation for the simple, yet finer things in life. Like Daphne, your brand is the go-to for the traditional, timeless consumer who can always count on a high-quality product.


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Hey Fur Friends, we are Dox Design. Think of our team as your Branding Sherpas!

We know it sounds goofy—but stay with us here!

Branding and design is about much more than pretty icons, graphics, and patterns.

It’s one thing to have something that’s interesting to look at, but your brand is more than what’s on the outside.

Your brand is your image in the eyes of your customers. It’s the experiences they have with you and tell their friends and family, and the build-up of small, seemingly insignificant interactions with you that create the story of your brand.

That story is big and bold. It’s beautiful, full of impact, and unique to you. That story is yours to tell.

Dox Design is the team to support you in your journey to tell that story to the world.

Ready To Bring Your Brand Vibe To Life?
Check out some other ways to work with the Dox Design Team…

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Signature Branding Package

Droolworthy design from top to bottom.

You’ve already got a must-have product or service that gets your customers in the door, but now you just need that extra push to really make your customers beg for more. You want to elevate your brand as a stand-out Top Dog in your industry with drool-worthy design that truly resonates with your ideal audience, making them say, “Wow, they really GET me!”

You’re ready to get serious and enroll in a branding program unlike any other—one led by a team of design professionals who are just as equally invested in you as you are in their program.

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VIP Design Day

All eyes on your brand for one full business day.

If you’re currently in that weird space with too much work to handle on your own, but not enough resources to hire a full-time designer, Dox Design is the pawsome partner for you. Need help with packaging design for your products, landing pages for your new offer, or designs for your new merch line? Design Lab is perfect for small businesses looking for ongoing design support on a consistent basis.

If you are ready to bust out a big project and want an entire day dedicated to your brand and your brand alone Design Days are for you!

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Marketing Bundle

Stay #droolworthy everywhere you go, without skipping a beat.

It’s no secret that everything that goes into marketing your small businesses is A LOT more time consuming than it’s made out to be. From strategy to designing graphics, writing captions, creating a content calendar, cross-promoting your posts, repurposing content, and every little detail in between, social media can be a biiiig headache—especially when you already have so much on your plate!

Maybe you’ve tried some things to simplify the process, but it’s still not quite working out how you’d hoped. In comes Dox Design Marketing Bundle.

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