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You Got Daisy The Dachsund

Aka A Fun + Bright Brand Vibe.

Oooo, lucky you! Your brand vibe just so happens to be the Dox signature style: bright, fresh, + full of fun, just like our best gal pal, Daisy the Dachshund. Just like Daisy, you have a fun + bright brand personality, and you’re probably considered the life of the party in your industry—the kind of brand everyone wants to know and be seen with.

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Hey Fur Friends, we are Dox Design. Think of our team as your Branding Sherpas!

We know it sounds goofy—but stay with us here!

Branding and design is about much more than pretty icons, graphics, and patterns.

It’s one thing to have something that’s interesting to look at, but your brand is more than what’s on the outside.

Your brand is your image in the eyes of your customers. It’s the experiences they have with you and tell their friends and family, and the build-up of small, seemingly insignificant interactions with you that create the story of your brand.

That story is big and bold. It’s beautiful, full of impact, and unique to you. That story is yours to tell.

Dox Design is the team to support you in your journey to tell that story to the world.

Ready To Bring Your Brand Vibe To Life?
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Signature Branding Package

Droolworthy design from top to bottom.

Perfect for the business-owner who…

-Launched a must-have product or service, but the current branding or design doesn’t quite live up to the hype it deserves

-Is about to launch a new product, service, or business and wants to come out as a strong top dog out of the gate

-Wants to their branding and design to truly reflect their mission, vision, and values to life to make their customers

Ready for all the bells and whistles?

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VIP Design Day

All eyes on your brand for one full business day.

Perfect for the business-owner who…

-Has a few one-off projects that pop up every so often throughout the year, but not enough work to hire a full-time designer

-Wants the confidence and assurance that their design project will get done fast without compromising quality

-Has worked with Dox Design through our Signature Branding Package or Marketing Bundle, and wants to have the same experts carry out their brand’s #droolworthy vision

You’re just a click (or two) away from becoming a Dox Design VIP. You in?

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