How to Build Your Brand Off Your Logo

You Have a Logo, Now What?


I have said it before: Branding is More than a Logo!

Branding involves colors, typefaces and how you use imagery. Maybe you have a basic idea of how you want your brand to feel; or maybe you have even gone through a rebrand with Dox Design (Hi client, we love you!).

So, now what? What are the next steps to build off your brand?

Don’t Be Afraid to Change It Up

Gasp! I know, I know! As the designer who just gave you a strict rule book of what colors to use, I’m now about to tell you, you can use more! Before we dive into this, let me clarify.

I don’t mean start changing your all your logo’s colors or introduce a color that doesn’t fit at all with your brand.. What I am talking about is extending your brand to more than your brand. In other words, I am talking about campaigns or events.

Say you have a Halloween event or promotion coming up for your store. Stay on brand; use the type of images you normally do and maybe even the same typefaces. But, don’t be afraid to introduce some other colors that fit in with the Halloween holiday

See the example below, done for a former client. Green was their brand color, but it didn’t mean green had to be used everywhere. Now the promotion, as a whole, should still fit in with the overarching aesthetic of your brand. This client was light and airy, so we didn’t go with a grungy Halloween theme because it wouldn’t fit their overall branding of light and airy. Make sense? Click here to see the entire project.

Introduce Illustrations

You have a strict image style you follow for branding purposes. Maybe you only use in-studio shots of dogs on white backgrounds. Or perhaps you are an outdoor brand that only uses lifestyle shots of dogs in the wild. Whatever the case, a great way to “add on” to your brand is to introduce an illustration style. Again, I am not saying to suddenly only illustrate all your promotions, but you can use some illustrations as an additional element to your overall brand.

For example:

Take your white studio shots and use them to your advantage .Or if you are that outdoorsy brand, think about adding some organic textures over your images to make them stand out and build out your brand.

Step Into New Media

Do you currently run printed ads only? Is a brochure your typical way of getting your business information out to the public? One non-visual way to build off your brand is to utilize other forms of media. It could be a social media campaign with a supporting graphic that resembles your new brand or a guerilla marketing stunt, such as the one below. Thinking of new and creative ways to build off your brand can really bring it to life. Is your logo a circle? How about branding frisbees or tennis balls and giving them out? Think about how you could add your brand to a tactical object (i.e., frisbees and tennis balls) and make it memorable!

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