Are you a right fit for Dox Design

The World’s Best Client


We have had the fortunate experience of working with some awesome people. Many just like us decided to start their own business, some of our clients are local and some we have never even met in person. But one thing is the same across the board they are great humans, with a passion that drives them and inspires us. In fact, many of our clients have become our close friends, some agencies might not mix business with pleasure but we at Dox have always done stuff a little off beat.

Now you have made it this far into the blog post so you must be thinking you might want to be a part of our client list, and maybe one of our new best friends. That is great we are glad you are here.

But before we tell you to reach out and say hi let’s make sure Dox Design is the right fit for you. We want you to succeed and finding a studio that aligns with your goals is the first way to do that. Dox Design will never leave you astray we are a no bullshit group and we will let you know if we think we won’t jive.

You are probably a good fit if:

 • You are currently doing all your own design work

• This make you feel a little overwhelmed

• You want to refresh your look

 • You are just starting out and want to make a splash

 • You understand that design impacts your customers choices

 • You’re willing to collaborate

 • You are open-minded and willing to hear honest feedback

 • You love dogs (Duh)


We might not jive if:

• You want someone to quickly design a marketing piece

• You have an exact design in mind and need it quick

• You need an advertisement by tomorrow

• You’re “Not a dog person” (seriously how is this a thing?)


Ready to make your customers beg for more?