Bringing the Beach Lifestyle to the Homes of Dog Lovers

Sandy & Skipper is a playful lifestyle brand deeply connected to dogs and the relaxing beach life. We married the love for the beach and pups in the new branding and design for Sandy & Skipper—starting with naming the company and then bringing that name to life by creating the logo (featuring Sandy & Skipper, of course!), brand patterns and illustrations, tagline, and more!

Brand Words: Relaxed, Beachy, Playful, Happy, Exciting

services: branding, packaging design, website design, company naming

blue Sandy & Skipper logo
Sandy and Skipper sun and waves product packaging
Love you to the beach and back
New badge icon, cart icon, candle icon, heart box icon, speech bubble icon, tag icon
balls are for fetching instagram ad campaign
blue wave Sandy and Skipper thank you cards
My Dog Tackled My Heart
This Candle Saved A Life

This has been the easiest and most fun process of bringing an idea to life. I have been pouring candles like crazy the past two weeks and cannot wait to go live in my boutique and in our new shopify store!! Thanks to the entire team for the awesomeness that you are in bringing our brand to life!

Teresa Hogge

Owners of Sandy and Skipper

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