Sparking company growth by creating a brand for a dog-themed coffee product.

Puppy Paws Coffee & Company is an online provider of specialty coffee and tea that donates 50% of their proceeds to animal shelters and rescues—aka our dream client! They reached out to Dox Design to help with a quick promo card, which turned into an overhaul of their brand and a relationship that still continues today. Dox Design helped clean up their brand, redesigned their packaging, and even helped with marketing strategies and promotion ideas.

Client brag: since rebranding Puppy Paws Coffee Company, they have been featured in Animal Planet’s Pitbulls and Parolees pet shop The Tahyo! Puppy Paws Coffee Companies sales have also DOUBLED since their rebrand and they have been featured alongside brands like Chewy and Bullybox.

Subscription Box

Dox Design also helped Puppy Paws launch a subscription box, which ships three months of coffee and treats to customers— increasing their online orders. We designed an eye-catching box, wrapped in the newly redesigned brand pattern. Along with designing the box to reflect the brand, we included small details inside the box, which aim to surprise dog lovers right when they open. Wonder what’s inside? You’ll have to subscribe to see for yourself. 😉

This subscription box has since been shared across social media alongside brands like Chewy and Bullybox.

As a new business, we were so concentrated on providing quality products we overlooked “branding”. Our first year in business, we were experimenting with different colors and designs and it was a mess. I did not feel confident with our overall “look” and it held us back from growing as a company. When Dox Design reached out and offered her services, I wasn’t sure our small company could afford it so we decided to start with a small project…a business card and a promotional card. After that Kaila came back with a refreshed logo, a beautiful color palette and awesome designs. At that point, I realized we couldn’t afford not to have her help us create our official brand. Kaila is so professional and easy to work with. She’s able to combine my ideas with her design skills taking our business to the next level.

Tonja Osborne

Puppy Paws Coffee Company

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