Bringing the Outdoorsy Adventure Vibes to an Active Dog-Walking Brand

Prior to working with Dox Design, Pet Fit was lacking the custom branding that was necessary to allow them to stand out against the overcrowded dog-walking industry. Our team leveraged their love for the great outdoors and adventure-seeking personality to create their custom, #droolworthy brand to attract fit and active pet parents.

Brand Words: Active, Adventurous, Approachable, Happy, Outdoorsy

services: branding, copywriting, website design

Pet Fit logo
Down To Move
Pet Fit stationary, business card, envelope, brochure
dog icon, bag icon, phone icon, computer icon, social media icon, dog bone icon
For The Active Pets instagram ad campaign
You down dog sales card
We're the Ellicott City Dog Walkers tee shirt
Pet Fit logo on pattern

I realized needed to step up my businesses branding after losing a lot of business due to the corona virus shutdowns in March 2020. As I began trying to advertise to bring in new business it became clear my $20.00 Wix logo package designs were not resonating with anyone.

I looked around for a bunch of different options to be thorough. Sorted through hours of designers online, and was feeling fairly overwhelmed. I had heard about Dox and assumed they would be a great fit, but the cost of the branding and website package was much higher than I had planned on spending, so I didn’t immediately go with them.

However, hearing Kaila speak about their process on multiple of the podcasts I listen to, and seeing all of the other dog brands they had worked on, it felt like the safest option. I just trusted that if I spent the money with Dox Design it would be a smooth process, and I would be happy in the end. Ultimately, that was the deciding factor and I couldn’t have been more correct. The process was smooth, the Dox team was attentive and patient, and the final products are beautiful.

They did an excellent job of listening to all of my scattered ideas, and distilling a point of view and brand position that perfectly fits what I wanted to achieve. Dox Design will forever be Pet Fit’s go-to creative team.

Reilly Kahat

Owner of Pet Fit

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