Transforming a Pet Resort into a Millennial Lifestyle Brand

This is not your typical pet-boarding facility: it’s an entire experience for Millennial pet-owners and their fur kids. After undergoing our branding process, Paws & Unwind is now the go-to lifestyle dog brand in West Michigan.

Brand Words: Sophisticated, Confident, Classic, Modern, Organic
services: branding, print design, environmental design 

Dox Design was been a great partner to help us grow our business. At first we didn’t have a good vision of what our visual brand should be or why it was so important. We weren’t using a logo, our colors were all over the place, and our messaging wasn’t defined. Dox Design really help us get a handle on what a brand was and helped us look more professional so we could build better relationships and grow our business. Thanks Dox Design for all your helping in crafting the Paws and Unwind brand

David Lee

Owner of Paws And Unwind

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