From DIY Etsy Store to a must-have, #droolworthy fashion-forward brand

The Pampered Pooches Design Co. is an online retailer that makes custom collars, bandanas and bows for puppers. While their product was on point, their branding needed some love. That’s where we came in! After getting to know the owners behind The Pampered Pooches, Dox could easily recognize the brand’s joyful, fashion-forward vibe, and was on a mission to revamp their brand to reflect these qualities. With a little branding and design TLC, we elevated The Pampered Pooches brand from looking DIY and mismatched vibes to professional and spunky with our tried-and-true branding and design process.

As part of this brand refresh, Dox Design started by nailing down a #droolworthy color palette and then designing a unique, hand-drawn logo. Paired with bold typography, colors and custom patterns—all of which were hand-crafted to portray The Pampered Pooches’ personality and product offering—we were able to take the brand from drab to fab!

I knew I needed a re-brand but it seemed like an overwhelming project to take on by myself, I put it off for awhile until I came across Dox Design. I did some research before reaching out to Kaila and her and the team couldn’t have been more professional and accommodating. They answered all of my questions in a timely manner. They were able to take my idea of using our beloved Heidi (pictured to the left) as the inspiration for my new logo and turn it into the most adorable design.  I am thrilled at the results and look forward to working with Dox Design to continue to grow brand.

Trina Pruitt

The Pampered Pooches Design

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