Elevating a Pet Brand with Stand-Out Packaging Design

We elevated Modern Companion’s brand and packaging design so they could shine as the anything-but-average pet-accessory company they are—allowing them to stand out on shelves, including Altar’d State’s regional stores.

Brand Words: Down-To-Earth, Transparent, Approachable, Warm, Family
services: branding, print design, packaging design, illustration design

When it comes to working with pet professionals Dox Design is you’re go to. They transformed my old packaging into beautiful unique pieces that will definitely make me stand out. When you start a business you are so used to doing everything you tend to not focus on some of the most important features of your brand. Allowing Dox to take control and improve upon my brand was one of the best decisions I could make for my business. I’ve already received so many compliments from my customers and retailers about the rebrand.

Maddie St. Gelais

Owner of Modern Companion

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