Bringing BoHo vibes and legitimacy to a health-and-wellness lifestyle digital brand with a cohesive visual identity. 

Mindfully Made Design Co. is an online health-and-wellness brand and blog that helps their customers mindfully align in their business through digital marketing. They also have an online shop stocked with #droolworthy sustainable products for their health-conscious shoppers. When Mikaela, founder of Mindfully Made, decided to turn this passion project into a legitimate business, she enrolled Dox Design to elevate her brand with updated branding and cohesive visuals to match.

Dox Design began our work with Mikaela on our Exploration phase, where we uncovered together that her ideal brand could be best described as approachable, BoHo and minimalist. From there, the creative juices started flowing. We started by creating a cool-blue color palette paired with pops of orange, BoHo patterns and a thin, modern typeface, creating a very approachable look and feel. From there, we pulled inspiration for her logo design from Mikaela’s fervent passion for her clients. A hand-illustrated, delicate geometric shape subtly mimicking the letter “M” rounded out this updated brand look, setting Mindfully Made Design Co. up to become a Top Dog in their industry.

Kaila and her team just GET it. I didn’t have to give a lot of direction, although as a designer myself, I definitely had a vision in mind. They say that designers are the worst clients (just as nurses are the worst patients), but my Dox Design branding was PERFECTI knew when I needed branding for this second business of mine, she was going to be the one to do it because she’s really that good and she knows what’s modern and current all the while reflecting my own personality and the personality of my ideal audience. 

Mikaela Vargas

Blogger and Owner of Mindfully Made

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