Taking a green cleaning company from zero to one hundred repeating customer sales.

Love Cleaning is a professional green cleaning company that cleans residential and commercial buildings and homes. Dox Design helped craft the entire brand from selecting the company’s name to designing the logo, cleaning uniforms, website, and more. Playing off the name, we designed a logo that showcased the company’s love of cleaning and developed conversational headlines that were used throughout the brand.

Since launching the Love Cleaning brand, they have gone from a no-name cleaning brand to one of the top-requested cleaning partners in the Grand Rapids area. They have even partnered with the largest apartment group to offer cleaning services to all its residents.

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Website Design 

Since Love Cleaning is a service-based company, we knew their web presence would be extremely important. We created a clean, easily navigable SquareSpace site that lists the services they offer to allow potential customers to book a consult. Using the new brand colors and language, we translated the Love Cleaning brand into a digital format.


Since launching the website, Love Cleaning has cleaned over 100 houses and apartments!

Brand Touchpoints

After the first cleaning, we created a series of leave-behinds to add a memorable and personable touch for the brand, helping to lead to repeat sales. Playing off the brand name, we designed “score sheets” that cleaners would leave for first-time customers so they could rate their job performance. For apartment buildings, we created door hangers to be hung on the apartments they cleaned, creating brand awareness within the entire building. Businesses cards used conversation starters to get customers’ attention. 

The End Result: A Happy Client!

Kaila has been an amazing help to all of my business adventures. From helping me rebrand, creating material for a grand openings, and building multiple websites that have been doing great and everything in between, she goes above and beyond for her clients. She does it all, and I recommend her to everyone!

David Boelkes

Owner of Love Cleaning

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