Love Cleaning

Love Cleaning is a professional green cleaning company that cleans residential and commercial buildings and homes. Dox Design helped craft the entire brand from selecting the company’s name to designing the logo, cleaning uniforms, website, and more. Playing off the name, we designed a logo that showcased the company’s love of cleaning and developed conversational headlines that were used throughout the brand.

Leave Behinds

We understand special touches are important when thinking about the customer experience. That’s why Dox helped create a series of leave behinds for their employees to use after performing their cleaning services. Because there’s always room for improvement, we created review cards so that their clients may rate the cleaning performed by the team. Feedback is rated by shading in hearts, which played off their logo.

Service Website

We helped design and develop a website for Love Cleaning. It was important to the company that customers could book a free quote and also enjoy a free consultation where they could learn about the services they provide. We chose images that referenced cleaning but still felt relatable and matched the clean and simple feel of the website.