Impact Dog Crates

Impact Dog Crates is the provider of durable and stylish dog crates for pet parents who travel often and want to keep their pets safe and secure. When we were asked to help them with an icon series to use across their website and social media, we were thrilled. Dox Design was able to create a cohesive icon pack that showcased the brands product attributes and programs.


When we talked with Impact Dog Crates it was important to them that their products quality and reward programs were communicated to their customers. We worked on auditing Impacts website and were able to come up with a list of attributes that could be shown visually as icons. From there we worked closely with our copywriter to come up with supporting headlines and subheads that could not only be on the icons, but also on future marketing materials.

Color Palette

One of the challenges of creating this icon series was coming up with a cohesive color scheme that worked with the already well-established brand. Inspired by the fun colors that the products come in, we created a playful color palette for each badge that helped them stand out.