Happy Dog Mom

Happy Dog Mom is an influencer blog that is centered around the science of happiness for our pets and the special bond dogs and humans share. When the head Happy Dog Mom herself reached out to help with the design of her website, we happily agreed to collaborate. Dox Design helped with the full design of the site, matching social media templates, as well as welcome cards and giveaways for the brand.

Website Design

Dox Design was tasked with creating high resolution mockups for desktop and mobile. We established a layout, textures, and colors that reflected the brand’s core values of happiness and kindness. Typically, we execute on our designs, but HDM already had a well-established relationship with their own developer. This was a new process for Dox Design, but we are always happy to collaborate. Once the screen structure was laid out, we created the design and handed the files off to be developed.

Social Media Templates

One of the biggest pieces for Happy Dog Mom was to get their blog posts and stories out and drive traffic back to the website. We wanted everything that came from the website to reflect the brand.  Social media templates were created that could be easily edited and uploaded across Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. Dox then created cohesive social graphics that could be displayed across platforms that related back to the web design.