Educating pet parents with clear messaging and a refined digital experience.

Golden Wellness Dogs is a Vermont-based company that sells organic turmeric products for dogs. With a growing customer base, Golden Wellness approached Dox Design to help create a website that to clearly communicate their product and showcase current customers. Our team crafted a website for Golden Wellness that told a visual story and narrative around their product. Using bright colors that reflected the packaging and ingredients, Dox used customer testimonials to direct users to Golden Wellness Dogs’ Amazon page to buy their Liquid Turmeric.

Website and Print Materials

We created a digital experience for Golden Wellness Dog that told their brand story while also educating users on the benefits of using turmeric products for pets. After designing and developing their website, we took our partnership a step further by crafting an image library that showcased lifestyle-focused photography with dogs and humans interacting rather than focusing solely on product photography. Finally, we helped design custom business cards for their team.

Within the first month of launch, the website had over 1,000 page views!

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