Foresight Law Firm

Foresight Law Firm is a full service estate planning firm that focuses on planning for the future of your family. Foresight approached Dox with the goal to create their brand and later translate it into a website and other marketing materials. The company’s target audience is younger families, so we used fresh colors, including touches of rose gold for an upscale feel, authentic photography, and a logo with the idea of “thinking ahead” in mind to convey Foresight’s mission.

Business System

Playing off the clean lines of the arrow in the logo, we created a business system that was professional and clean with playful touches. We designed a double sided, foil stamped business card, accompanied by a matching letterhead, envelope and about postcard.

Marketing Website

Dox designed and developed a marketing website for Foresight that detailed their service offerings in an approachable way. In order to target younger families, we used images of children to encourage people to think about the importance of estate planning. We also built a resource section so that those unfamiliar with estate planning could click around to learn a little more about estate planning and its benefits. We found this section had increased return traffic to the website.