Fido & Stitch

Fido & Stitch is a boutique pet store that carries fun dog toys and accessories, healthy food options, and all treats your pup could ever want. On top of being the go-to pet store for Grand Rapid residents, they also have a robust grooming service. What started as help with a new brochure for their services, turned into Dox still working with Fido & Stitch to this day. We have had the pleasure of maintaining a relationship with Fido & Stitch and working on countless designs for events, promotions, and the store.

About Brochure

One of the key things for designing any piece is for it to be easy to digest. Dox Design had to organize Fido & Stitch’s robust service offering into a printed piece that was visually appealing and quick to understand. Dox created a layout, organized content, and designed a fully functioning product brochure for Fido & Stitch to keep in their store and give to future and current clients.  

Event Design

The reason Fido & Stitch is the go to for many pet parents is because of the many events they host that are creative and fun to attend. Dox has been able to help with designing these events by creating flyers, posters, and graphics for social media. Keeping with Fido & Stitch’s brand, eye-catching patterns and imagery have been used to display the different events throughout the years. Each designed with pet parents in mind.