Breathing New Life into a Dog-Event Brand

DOCC rocked our in-depth branding process, and the proof is in the results. Shortly after launching their new brand, DOCC hit a milestone of 10k followers on Instagram and continues to resonate with their ideal customer on and offline.

Brand Words: Fun, Humorous, Witty, Colorful, Cheeky
services: branding, packaging design, apparel design, web design 

Dogs of Charm City logo
six red, pink, and yellow icons
dog instagram posts
four dog posters on a city building wall
twelve pink dog icons
Dogs of Charm City logo tags
information flyer
stationary, brochure, business card, and envelope

Working with Dox Design has felt effortless, and their creativity and quality has truly exceeded my highest expectations. Kaila’s passion and excitement behind her work made it really fun to work together. Dox Design works FAST and I was very impressed by the level of organization and communication from start to finish during the branding process. I am so thrilled to have found Dox Design and look forward to utilizing their services for years to come!

Lyndsay Shackelford

Owner of Dogs Of Charm City

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