Redefining Conference Branding & Design with¬†Pet Boss Nation’s Camp Pet Boss

Pet Boss Nation has been a client of Dox Design for nearly two years. When their founder Candace approached us to create a brand for their yearly conference, Camp Pet Boss, we were ecstatic! Being the OG designers of Pet Boss Nation’s parent brand, we were pumped to face a new challenge to create a unique visual identity for the conference while remaining consistent with their main brand.

Inspired by the “camp” theme, our team took on a woodsy, adventurous vibe that related the brand back to the already-existing Pet Boss Nation brand, building off of their primary color palette and adding in some rustic, muted colors. We then created custom brand elements and illustrations, and introduced a new script font throughout our designs. We then applied this new design to several brand touch points and promo materials to make this conference truly stand out.

We needed to add more elements to our existing brand as well as “up-level” it or give it a refresh. Dox Design were exactly the ones I knew I should call. After working with them in the past, I knew that they would meet deadlines, walk through ideas with me, and wouldn’t push their concepts for redesign but help me enhance and bring to life everything in my mind! They can deliver exactly what you want… but, I’m confident in saying it may be an even better version. I’ve worked with many designers and Kaila and her team at Dox Design are definitely my favorite!

Candace D'Agnolo

Pet Boss Nation

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