Beer City Biscuits

Beer City Biscuits is a Midwestern company that uses spent grains from breweries to create delicious and natural dog treats. We helped Beer City Biscuits with their branding by crafting a logo that symbolizes beer, love, and, of course, puppers. In the next phase, we helped them define their packaging and brand color palette to create a cohesive look across their materials. From there, we extended their new cool and crisp brand across their social media platforms and branded swag.

Custom Logo Design

When we created the logo for Beer City Biscuits, wew played with negative space by incorporating The logo we created for Beer City Biscuits we played with negative space by integrating the shape of a beer bottle within a dog’s face and a the heart shape of a dog treat into the dog’s nose. By representing all three pillars of the business into the logo, we were able to embody the entire brand within the logo, giving it a strong and bold look and elevating the brand.

Packaging System

Because Beer City Biscuits works with many brewery partners and produces multiple flavors of biscuits, we knew the color palette and packaging needed to be designed with diversity and flexibility. With this in mind, we decided to distinguish different flavors from one another using colors, and tied the product line together using a custom pattern.