Marrying Youthfulness & Professionalism in a Young Entrepreneur’s Brand

Ava is a young entrepreneur making big moves in the pet industry with a #droolworthy idea—she just needed #droolworthy branding to match! We worked with her to create a youthful and playful yet professional brand to stand out in the crowded pet treat space, including full branding and packaging design.

Brand Words: Youthful, Confident, Fun, Friendly, Girly

services: branding, packaging design

Ava's Pet Palace logo
custom stationary, envelope, and business cards
illustrated colorful dog head pattern
dog icon, cat icon, food icon
dog instagram post
custom product tag labels
pink, yellow, orange pattern cards
small batch organic treats flyer
purple canvas bag

Kaila and her team were absolutely wonderful to work with. They took my current branding and made it pop! Thank you so much for your hard work and passion for giving people the brands they want and deserve!

Ava Dorsey

Owner of Ava's Pet Palace

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