Rethinking a traditional tack shop with “Modern Western” design to inspire a more youthful, stand-out look.

When Dox Design was approached by Argento, a modern-day tack shop (an equestrian supply store) based in New York, with hopes of reinventing their brand as more of an inclusive pet boutique, we were ready for this unique challenge! Different from the traditional tack store, Argento not only provides equestrian supplies, but also provides pet supplies for cats and dogs. 

As part of this unique rebrand, we worked directly with Argento to reinvent the traditional Western look of a tack shop with a modern spin—hence the idea of “Modern Western” was born! With a custom-designed logo and implementation of a lighter and brighter color palette, Argento’s updated logo reflected a more youthful, energetic look and feel. Beyond logo, we took our “Modern Western” inspiration to design out further extensions of the brand like signage, store touchpoints, social media graphics and more.

When we made the decision to move the store to a new location I knew I wanted to change our brand and identity to better represent the increased product offerings we had grown into. I had a basic design idea I gave to Kaila and her team and they made it into something even better than I could have imagined! Turnaround time was very fast and they were very easy to work with on tweaking a few details. I’m obsessed with our new logo and branding and people give me so many compliments on it! It looks so great on promotional items and I can’t wait to make more!

Brooke Swass


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