Why You Should Be Content Planning

As branding and website designers for the pet industry, Dox Design has a primary focus on uplifting brands and setting them up for success as they move forward.

Where a lot of pet businesses fall flat is taking their new branding and with it, utilizing a content strategy to get their message and business out there in the world. Many of us (and hey, we’ve been guilty of it, too) make plans to create content for our business and then when it comes down to producing today’s post, we delay it or just forget about it altogether, which hurts our business in the long run.

So, the goal of today’s post?

Let’s get you on the path to success by implementing a content planning system that can save you time and allow you to produce more valuable content for your audience.

Before we get started, we recommend that you download our totally free marketing calendar.

NOTE: In the calendar, we have tons of pet-related holidays and monthly holidays that you can use to help you form content ideas. Get inspired with content ideas and bonuses to uplift your social media graphics along the way!

Where Do I Begin?

 We recommend starting by planning content quarterly. Once you see the next three months lined out, figure out how often you want to post to each platform. Remember, consistency is more important than posting a whole bunch one week and not at all the following week.

When you’re just getting started, it’s completely okay to start out smaller. If you can’t post every single day, start out with 2-3 times per week. Once you maintain that for three months without too much stress, you can begin to increase that.


How Do I Come Up With Ideas? 

Write out holidays & important events
Using the Dox Design marketing calendar, write down all of the applicable holidays during the three-month period you’re focusing on. Make sure that all of these holidays and events relate to your business and to your particular audience.

For example, if you’re a healthy pet food brand and it is International Chocolate Day, you may want to either refrain from posting about it or switch the conversation to healthy alternatives. Food for thought (no pun intended 😉).

Write down monthly themes
In order to build a framework or theme for your content, it can help to write down monthly themes. For example, in June, you can write content on….hot summer weather, beach fun, vacations, going out of town, summer break, preventative heat measures, summer treats, halfway through the year, etc.

Ask your audience
It’s 100% okay to ask your audience what they want to hear about. Create a poll on Facebook or send them an email and ask what they most like about your brand, what they like to read about, or what they’d love more of!

Promote your business
We frequently see businesses taking one of two routes here. As far as content goes, they either never promote their products or services OR they only create promotional posts. You want to find a healthy balance here. We recommend dedicating most of your time to providing value to your audience.

I Have Ideas, Now What? 

Now is the time to fill in the slots. If you know you’re going to start by posting on Instagram 3 times a week, that means you need 12 pieces of content each month. Write down a list of 12 topic ideas by filling in the holidays, adding monthly themes, using what your audience wants to hear, answering common questions, and promoting your business offers.


What About Posting? 

You’re finally at the last step! Now is the time to actually get all of your posts scheduled and posted. If you have the time to go in and post everything organically, definitely do it! The social media algorithms will thank you. However, if you’re short on time, like a good chunk of us pet industry folks, you can use a scheduling platform, such as Later, Buffer, or Hootsuite.

As these scheduling platforms grow, many of them are also able to tell you when to post and can just post to your social media automatically. Go figure!

If you’re struggling on when to post, we typically recommend testing it out. Start to notice which time of day and which days of the week people are engaging with your brand the most.

Producing content for your business, whether it’s on social media, blogging, or email, can be a tedious task. As designers for the pet industry, Dox Design is here for you. If you’re completely overwhelmed with the thought of handling this all on your own, we can help take part of this off your plate with our branded social media graphics program.

We know producing content can be hard.

Just know, you’re not alone, regardless of if you outsource some of it to us or if you write it yourself. We’re in this together and we’re here to support all of our fellow pet businesses.

Oh, and if you STILL haven’t downloaded our marketing calendar, then…

Download it now!

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