We take your website from drab to drool-worthy. 

A user-friendly website can be the difference between a new client or a lost sale. Is your website up to modern-day best practices? Does it have a unique style that matches your brand? Gone are the days of cookie-cutter website templates. Dox Design is your expert web design and development partner to not only elevate your sales, but also elevate your look to be completely #droolworthy. 

For us, it’s more than “just a website.” 

Website Structure 

We believe in one-of-a-kind website designs—not the same ol’ generic, four-page website you see everywhere. We start the web process by taking a deep dive into what content makes sense for your business, what calls to action will have the strongest click-through rates, and what pages make sense together to give you the BEST user experience pawsible. 

Website Design

In case you forgot… we are a strong believe in building brands first, then designing websites. Your website is digital extension to your brand, and for that reason, all of our custom-designed sites are created with your brand in mind from top to bottom. We create all iconography and carefully select all imagery all while putting our signature Dox Design touch on it. 

Website Development 

From Squarespace to WordPress, we can take your website from start to finish. We not only have an expert developer on hand but we also know our way in and out of website builders so that you can easily maintain your new digital brand. 

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Lucky Dogs site displayed on tablet

Lucky Dogs Canine Services

Paws On Pine responsive mobile site design

Paws On Pine

Golden Wellness site displayed on desktop

Golden Wellness Dogs

It’s time to ditch the generic, templated website!

Instead of a generic template option, working with an expert web designer ensures higher quality and a custom design—aka standing out more against the competition. Every Dox Design team member working on your website has their own expertise, and when we combine our efforts, you’re left with the best possible website to fit your brand’s needs and business goals.

Sample veterinary website design displayed on tablet

We got the Freebies.

We understand that a brand-new, custom website can be a big bite to chew off right away. When you are ready to take on this project, Dox Design is the pawsome partner here for you. Until then, download these amazing FREE downloads that will help you take the first step towards a more #droolworthy website. 

It’s ok.. we know our words can only go so far.

Let our past clients tell you how we can help!

We new we were an established brand, but our two websites desperately needed to merge them into one website that would showcase all that we offer. On top of that we wanted to refresh elements of our branding without a complete logo overhaul. Working with someone who took the time to really understand our business was extremely helpful. Kaila and her team were able to make design suggestions based on that knowledge, and created a new website that will greatly enhance our brand and our customers’ experience. Kaila’s attention to details and attention to deadlines is fantastic! We look forward to working with Dox Design again on future projects.

Amy Schiek

Lucky Dogs Canine Services

After four years, my website was ready for a makeover. I found Dox Design through one of my pet sitting groups and so glad I did. They did an INCREDIBLE job making my website easier to navigate, fresh, modern and mobile friendly. Go to Paws on Pine to see the incredible job they did! They answered my questions super fast and went above and beyond to create specific forms I needed for my clients and potential employees. They were SO amazing that I hired them to create a logo for my newest venture- can’t wait to see it. Thank you Dox Design

Heather Curatolo

Paws On Pine

Is Your Website #droolworthy? 

No matter what industry you’re in or whether your company is just getting off the ground, in need of a refresh or ready for growth, Dox Design is the paw-some partner you can trust to help make your website stand out from the crowd.