VIP Design Day

Brand maintenance ain’t easy, Fur Friend.

Okay. So, you’ve got your fresh branding that tells a compelling visual story for your audience (please tell us you’ve celebrated this accomplishment by now?!)

But the work doesn’t stop there. WOOF.

Oftentimes, brand maintenance is the most challenging and time-consuming part of being a business-owner. Yes, even more so than the initial branding or rebranding process!

With all the work behind the scenes and your never-ending To Do list, (plus, y’know, trying to enjoy your personal life!) There’s only so much time and capacity you have to keep everything moving forward in your business, right?

But you didn’t get in business to stay stagnant.

Your brand story is one that deserves to be shouted from the rooftops everywhere you go, and in many compelling ways!

It’s something that requires lots of time, effort, resources, and the know-how for what’s next.

How much of a relief would it be to have someone on your side who…

• Deeply understands your brand, mission, vision, and values?

• Knew the ins and outs of your brand from all angles?

• Was dedicated to your growth and success every step of the way?

• Had the time and space to focus on you and only you for a full business day?

• You could lean on and trust to take care of your design needs quickly, without compromising quality?

• Carry the integrity of your brand story in all your future work and projects?

VIP Design Days

For new + current Dox clients!

Ongoing design for passionate business-owners who want their design projects done fast, without compromising quality. Perfect for if you’re currently in that weird space with too much work to handle on your own, but not enough resources to hire a full-time designer.

Who better to manage your brand’s ongoing design needs than a team of experts whose primary focus is bringing your vision to life?!

There’s no better feeling than knowing your brand is in the hands of professional designers you can trust to get the job done the right way the first time, on time, and in a way that you know will be in integrity with your brand story, mission, and values.

This is exactly what we do inside our VIP Design Lab for our clients!

Here’s the scoop inside
our VIP Design Lab

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Schedule a day with us at least two weeks in advance with a list of all your to-dos and assets you need designed. Upon receipt, our team will follow up with a defined list of action items we can realistically tackle for you to approve. Please send all necessary assets at least 48 hours before your Design Delivery Day!


woman inside speech bubble looking at phone


Hooray—it’s your Design Delivery Day! Since our team works in batches, your assigned Design Day is when your files will be uploaded straight to your Google Drive folder. We’ll send you an email once your files have been uploaded for your review.


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Next, you’ll review your delivered assets and send us your feedback via email! Once we receive your feedback (if any), we’ll modify your assets to meet your needs and add all final files to your Google Drive folder, replacing the original uploads. Final files will be delivered to you within one week of your recurring Design Delivery Day with printing instructions and vendor notes if needed!



What We Can Do

There are lots of different projects our team can bring to life for you with the power of visual storytelling—all up to your brand standards. Here are some of the things we can take off your hands:

Packaging Design

• Labels
• Hang Tags
• Bags
• Tissue Paper
• Product Backers
• Welcome Boxes
• Mailer Boxes
• Poly Mailers
• Flex Pouches
• Custom Dielines & Packaging Solutions 

Digital Design

• Custom Social Media Graphics
• Workbooks
• Opt-ins
• Landing Page Design
• Course Creation
• Social Ad Campaigns
• Email Newsletter design + content
• Website Graphics (header graphics, icons, etc.)

Print Design

• Business Cards
• Signage
• Stickers
• Thank You Cards
• Gift Cards
• Greeting Cards

Product Design
• Illustrations
• Pattern Design / Surface Design (bandanas, legging, etc.)
• Shirt Designs
• Physical products (welcome boxes, beer glasses, etc.)

Let’s get this design pawty started!
There are 2 ways you can become a VIP…

4 Design Days Per Year

Perfect for quarterly projects!

Gone are the days of quoting out multiple projects, adhering to multiple timelines, and actually paying for MORE HOURS because of all the back and forth. With our 4-pack design day, you get one entire day four times per year dedicated to you and you alone, which means we get more projects done—saving you money, honey!


Wanna test out a single day?
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Yearly Bundle

Perfect for monthly maintenance!

The Yearly Bundle gets you one full workday 100% dedicated to your brand for each month of the year. That means you can receive up to 2–3 labels a day, a year of social media graphics, and so much more! Dox will ensure you stay right on track with your annual goals.


Wanna test out a single day?
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How can Design Days help you?

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