Using a GIF on Instagram: Uploading Your Gif To Giphy!

Ever wondered how other businesses have their logos beautifully animated on their Instagram Stories? Because, we sure did!

As more and more consumers flock to Instagram Stories to learn more about brands and what products and services their favorite influencers and loved ones are purchasing, brand awareness has never been as important!

One way to increase your brand awareness on Instagram Stories is through animated gifs. Want to know how to create yours? That’s right – you don’t have to be a professional designer or an Instagram employee to add your own Instagram animated GIF and we’re going to show you how to do it below.



Step 1: Head to Giphy.com by using your Google or Facebook credentials and create a general free account. That’s right, fur friends – we like free and easy!

screenshot of giphy website
login screenshot

Step 2: Upload your GIF (either the one provided by the Dox Design team which you can purchase here or any other GIF you may have) by selecting the upload tab in the upper right hand corner.


NOTE: You need at least 5 uploads to be accepted as a brand channel. So, you can either upload any other random GIFs to meet that requirement or potentially try uploading your logo GIF 5 times (as of right now, it doesn’t say you can’t have the same 5 GIFs in the guidelines).  

giphy navigation with the upload button highlighted

Drag and drop your GIFs into Giphy to upload to your channel. 

upload screen

Step 3: This is the important part! Type in the hashtags you want searchable for your GIF into the “Add Tags” section. Separate each hashtag with a comma (groomer, pet, storename.) Do not put a # in front of what you are typing. Once you are done entering all the hashtags you want searchable, click the plus sign to add them to the GIF. This allows your GIF to be searchable by others, which will help you increase your brand awareness – that’s the goal, right!?

NOTE: your GIF will NOT be searchable on Instagram until you are approved as an artist or brand channel.

uploaded gif image with options on website

Step 4: Next, apply for a brand channel using the link here. The GIFs should appear on Instagram once you are approved. This is typically a 2-week process!

Apply for a brand channel here

Watch our step by step video walkthrough below on how to upload your GIF and apply for a brand channel. 

Ready to take it further?

If you’re looking to create an awesome brand channel for your business so you can have GIFs on hand to use in Instagram Stories, professional email campaigns, and more, read all the tips they have about creating your brand channel here.

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