BarkShop’s Destroyer’s Club

The Thrasher and De-Fluffer


I was walking around in Target the other day (what I often do in my free time) and wandered into the pet section (as usual). There was a huge sign that caught my eye along the lines of “Does your pet destroy their toys?” I silently thought to myself “well, yeah!” I can’t go a month without one toy having the stuffing ripped out and the other being decapitated.

I thought to myself, “huh maybe these are toys that last longer;” so I walked down the aisle and took a closer look. What I saw literally made me run to the checkout. These weren’t toys that lasted longer; these were toys that were specifically made to be destroyed. Not only that, each toy had a certain quality that matched your dog’s playing style.

For example. I have a “Thrasher” A dog who loves to grab their toys by the limbs and throw their head back and forth like so. (gif on Fin)

And a “De-Fluffer” A dog who loves to dig into the insides of a toy and leave a trail of snowy fluff all over the house. (gif of Ferb) Side note: Find out what type of play style your dog has here. It is pretty self-explanatory.

Now the reason I am writing about this on today’s blog isn’t because the toys are creative and fun (which they are), it is because of the second half of what BarkShop (an extension of BarkBox) did. They implemented an interactive and digital component to the toys.  Yes folks, exactly what I’ve been talking about: INNOVATING.

You can keep track of how many toys your dog destroys which adds up to points and scores you on a shared leaderboard. It’s an interactive and unique twist on a common problem all pet owners have, the destruction of dog toys.

That is what I am talking about! It is creative, quirky and different. It caught my eye and made me instantly buy the toys and it also made me want to tell all of you about it.

Be like BarkShop, be innovative!

Oh and also join the Destroyer’s Club because I am competitive and need fellow Thrashers and De-Fluffers to compete against on the leaderboard!

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