The Importance Of A Branded Social Media Feed

Dox Design is always promoting the importance of having a strong and cohesive brand presence throughout your whole pet business. And for good reason.

However, as most businesses default to focusing on their website and packaging, they end up leaving their social media behind, which can actually significantly hinder your business.

Here’s why.

– You can lose your recognizability.

– You likely seem disjointed & not cohesive.

– You may become a little less “legit” in potential customers’ eyes.

So, what are the REAL reasons you need branded social media feed for your pet business?

1. It builds personality and a brand voice for your business.

Social media exists as a way to connect with individuals, organizations, and businesses. In other words, this is how your potential customers will interact with you. If you’ve already done the hard work by investing in quality branding for your pet business, you probably already know that your branding itself communicates your brand values and offerings. By bringing this to social media, you’re able to create a complete voice and personality for your business.


2. It helps you stand out above the crowded and saturated pet industry.

There are only so many pet-related puns and business names out there, as I’m sure you’re already aware.

If you have branded graphics, you are way more likely to be instantly recognizable to your audience when coming across one of your Facebook ads or searching your Facebook page.

Speaking of standing out, social media marketing can do WONDERS for your SEO. In fact, it’s not uncommon for a Facebook page to show up above or right alongside your website in search results.

3. It says you’re a real and important brand. You’re professional & legit.

The more put-together and legitimate your business seems, the more likely that pet parents will trust your pet product or pet care service. I mean, just think about it from their perspective.

As a pet parent, imagine browsing Facebook and coming across two different pet treat business pages.

One of them has a slightly blurry cover photo and a picture of a dog as their profile picture. You don’t know if they are legit and you probably assume they don’t even have a website because it seems like more of a hobby. In fact, do you even know ANYTHING about what this business stands for or sells?

The other one has consistent branding across their whole Facebook page. Their cover photo says the name of their brand, what the sell, and lists their website. Their Facebook profile photo is their logo. All of their Facebook graphics and pictures that are posted have consistent branding and fonts throughout the whole page. It seems legit and professional.

Which of these products would you buy? Well, considering we value our pets’ safety in choosing what goes in their mouths, we would probably pick the product of the seemingly more legitimate pet treat business.

If you want to see examples of quality Instagram feeds, check out our post on 5 pet brands that are killing it on Instagram!

Piecing together a social media graphic strategy for your pet business can definitely be time-consuming. You want to make sure that you’re following your brand guidelines, that you’re speaking to your audience, and that you’re enhancing your brand personality.

That’s why we put together our graphics retainer package specifically for pet businesses!

With you in mind, Dox Design has put together monthly Graphic Packs for your pet business that you can receive in no time. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

No, really. See below.


dog instagram post

First, we start with a template you select from our six fancy-dancy style packs.

color palette instagram post

Then, you give Dox Design your brand elements, or we help you decide what those are!

pug instagram post

Lastly, we customize your graphics using your unique brand and messaging. 

Sounds easy, right?

If you want to learn more or see examples of some of our Graphic Pack designs, all you have to do is click here.

Oh, and we would never leave you hanging. Graphics are only part of the social media strategy. We created a blog post just for you on how to actually plan out your pet business content creation. View it here.


Ready To Command Your Brand?