The Ideal Veterinarian Website User Experience That You Need

Ahh, the dreaded website user experience. As a veterinarian or veterinary manager, you probably couldn’t care less about the technical aspects of your website and the science behind an effective user experience for your audience.

But, you’d probably care if you knew how important it was to gain more web traffic, more conversions, and higher spending on veterinary services. So, first things first: why do you need a bomb dot com website user experience for your business? Why is it SO important?


1. It changes how long someone will stay on your website.
Users actually typically make an opinion on whether to stay or leave your website within approximately .05 seconds. Crazy, right? It’s astronomically important to give your audience a great user experience so that they become more likely to browse your website and therefore book services or make a purchase from your online pharmacy.

2. It increases web traffic and therefore, your SEO search engine rankings.
If viewers are clicking more links on your website, staying there longer, and coming back to it repeatedly, you will begin to see your rankings increase. This only leads to more views, which in turn leads to more customers.

3. It creates community and engagement, which is ALL the rage.
By engaging with your viewers, asking questions, and creating personal content that people can relate to, you are creating community. There is nothing better than making your potential customers feel heard and important. This, in turn, leads to a higher retention rate AND more brand loyalty.

4. It can automatically generate leads for you.
You heard that right. Can you imagine coming to work in the morning with several new leads in your inbox ready to book their first wellness exam with you? This is the power of an amazing website user experience.

Okay, we could go on forever about all of the amazing benefits of this said “user-experience” for veterinary businesses, but how do you ACTUALLY go about implementing something like this into your practice. Below are some steps to get started. 

Here are some steps to get you started:

Tell your audience what to do!

It’s perfectly okay to give your audience direction. When customers are searching for a new veterinary practice, landing on a brand new website they’ve never been on before can feel overwhelming. By creating a button on your website specifically for new customers, you’ll be able to alleviate the stress of picking a veterinarian and show them the most important aspects of your veterinary clinic they need to know before making their first appointment.


Create CTA buttons throughout your website that tells your customers what to do! Appeal to the services you want to boost by promoting a new deal. Did a new housing development open up near you? Maybe it’s time to place that ‘New Customer’ button front and center!


Modernize, or else!

This is an area that many veterinary businesses could benefit from, and one that could easily set you apart from other practices.



Implement Some Strategic Messaging

Now, just because your website looks modern doesn’t mean you’re done and ready to go. Many templated veterinary websites like VetMatrix also have templated verbiage to include on your website. Now, this can make it less time-consuming on you, but it also means you’re creating missed opportunities and conversions.


  • Make it OBVIOUS what makes you unique as a veterinary clinic immediately upon landing on your home page.
  • Be intentional with your copy: If you know you want to promote a particular service or expertise you provide, promote it.
  • Be efficient: Consider implementing a software into your practice. Allow your customers to automatically book an appointment or purchase a refill for a medication their pet is on. The possibilities are endless here!

Add Those Special Touches!

You are unique. Act like it. So many veterinary clinics are defaulting to these templated websites that they end up becoming just like all the other animal hospitals out there. By allowing your business to stand out from the rest, you’re opening up your practice to more sales, more conversions, more engagement, and more loyalty.


  • Update your website regularly – this also helps your SEO and search engine rankings!
  • Start blogging – the benefits of which are inexcusably positive. 
  • Get custom photography – most of your clients will want to see the facility before actually coming in. Bonus points if you include photos of yourself and your staff.


Give Them That Personality!

This definitely ties into number 4, but it really does deserve its own step. People want to know more about you and the people behind your business. By ONLY providing information on the science behind vaccinations or the services you offer, you’re missing out on connecting with people. This, in turn, leads to fewer conversions. More than ever, people crave the human connection behind businesses, so don’t be afraid to share your story.


  • Tell the story of WHY and HOW you started your veterinary practice?
  • Include employee bios on your website. Bonus points if you can ask some fun questions on those bios, too!
  • Get photos of every employee and staff member.
  • Share employee get-togethers and trainings!

Now, the list could really go on and on here, but if you simply take the initiative to implement even just one of these steps, you will gradually begin to notice improvements in your veterinary clinic’s visibility and conversion. For those of you ready to finally take the jump and get the website their veterinary business truly deserves, we’ve got your back.

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