Template Veterinary Website vs. Custom Veterinary Website Design

We’ll be honest. We acknowledge that different web design services work best for different veterinary practices. If your current website is working for you and you see no need to change or update it, then awesome. We’re happy for ya! But, if you see room to grow in your business, or you realize that there may be some missed opportunity going on and you want it to change, maybe it’s time for a web design refresh! The biggest decision then becomes: where to find a new website. There are essentially two options: a templated website or a custom designed website. We’re here to delve into the advantages and disadvantages of both routes to help you navigate the best path for your specific veterinary business.


The Advantages of A Templated Veterinary Website

1. It’s easy to maintain and done for you.
In most cases, you’re able to simply pick a template and color palette and boom, you have a veterinary website that’s ready to go. They do all the work behind the scenes.

2. You pay consistent lower monthly fees.
Which for some businesses, may be advantageous.


The Advantages of a Custom Veterinary Website

1. Starting with the obvious, it’s an advantage to have a custom website to begin with because it’s…well, custom.
Custom to your own business, your own promotions, ideals, needs, vision, you name it. If you have a weird policy or an extra added service, we’ve got your back. In fact, that’s what we’re here for!

2. It adds the special touches that make you stand out from the crowd!

3. It has expertise written all over it.
Instead of a generic template option, working with a custom expert web designer means you get actual experts working on each facet of your website. For example, here at Dox Design, every single person working on your website has their own expertise. When we combine our efforts based off of each of our specialties, you’re left with the best possible website to fit your needs and business goals.

4. It’s more “convert-able.”
We don’t just want to have simple call-to-actions on your site that would fit with any veterinary clinic. We really take the time to get to know you AND your business goals. From there, we can piece together a strategic way to convert more customers and get more revenue in your veterinarian business.

5. It’s actually more sustainable and affordable long-term.
The fees associated with vet-related website templates are actually higher in the long run because you incur higher monthly fees. In working with a web designer like Dox Design, you have the option of going in to edit your website on your own OR if you’d like to pay us to make those custom edits, we can do that too. The only other fees associated are the ones that accompany the host.

6.It’s more than “just a website.”
It’s also a digital brand, which encompasses everything that your business stands for. Dox Design has packages that fit every need or customization so that you can feel confident in your investment for the future.

7. You end up with something you’re completely in love with because it’s created JUST for you!
Enough said, folks.

website screenshot

The Disadvantages of A Templated Veterinary Website

1. Not gonna’ lie, it’s a little obvious.
When browsing several veterinarian websites, you’ll very easily begin to notice which ones are templated and which ones aren’t. Although the colors may be different and the text might vary, they are the same websites, which can definitely give off the impression that you didn’t put much effort into speaking directly to your customers.

2. It’s less personalized.
Yes, as mentioned above, you can change colors and text, and you are more than welcome to go in and make some edits yourself. But, the whole point of working with this sort of template (and how it’s marketed to you) is that it’s easy and you don’t really need to worry about it. So, what ends up happening is most templated sites are never edited by the veterinary staff and therefore, it’s not really personalized to your business.

3. SEO can be limited.
Now, if you’re actually going in and working on this yourself, this may not affect you too much. However, if left to the host, you’re left with fairly generic blog posts that don’t necessarily target your community, your niche, your specialties, or your current promotions.

4. Higher monthly fees.
While custom websites are a larger investment up front, working with a templated site frequently means higher monthly fees that don’t necessarily give you much customization or personalized features.

The Disadvantages of a Custom Veterinary Website

1. You may have to invest a little more time into it up front.
We LOVE getting to know our clients to make sure we are creating the best possible website for them. This means you may have to spend a little extra time up front communicating with us so that we have all the information we need to produce your custom website.

2. It does cost more money up front.
Ever heard of the saying, “you get what you pay for?” This most assuredly applies when making professional purchase decisions. Ultimately, if you want to stand out, make more conversions, and get something you TRULY love, then you will most likely need to pay a little more, at least up front. But with that, you’re getting something invaluable. A visual representation of yourself and your amazing veterinary clinic.

As mentioned above, choosing which path to go for your veterinary website is different for every single hospital or clinic. It can also be a very overwhelming choice. We TOTALLY understand that. So, if you want to hop on the phone with us and go over some of your questions, we would LOVE to offer you a free 15-minute consultation call (no obligations, no pressure – we promise!).

All you have to do is click here and schedule your call now. Your future website dreams await. 😉

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