Successful Packaging: Why It’s Important + How To Stand Out On The Counters

Here we are providing you with yet another important extension of your branding: Packaging. You heard that right. Successful pet business branding extends outside of your website and social media feeds. It’s not just online that needs to be cohesive, especially if you have pet products for sale.

dog food bags
paper dog food bag


Why Awesome Pet Business Packaging Is Important

1. The more cohesive you are as a business, the more memorable you’ll become to potential and current customers. Everything should be branded, even if it’s subtle. By limiting your brand to your website, you are significantly leaving money on the table!!

2. You become instantly recognizable. If you’re on shelves, you should be the brand people recognize because that will ultimately lead to more sales. 

3. People are smarter than you think. They can tell when you just pieced together something simple on Microsoft Word. If you aren’t a legit and professional enough business to invest in quality packaging, why should others invest in you??

4. It’s a huge factor in consumers’ purchase decision. A consumer’s decision-making process is at least ⅓ based on packaging, which is pretty significant. Given that your potential customer needs less than 10 seconds to form an opinion on your brand, the packaging is a HUGE factor that goes into play when you’re a pet product competing with other brands.

How To Ensure Your Pet Business Packaging Stands Out

1. Build off your current brand

It’s really not as complicated as you’d think. All you need to do is build off of your current brand (if it’s already great). Take your brand and make it something tangible for your audience. Use the same “feel” as your brand that means color, typography, patterns, etc.

Here’s an example of a brand we built packaging for that extends from their current website.

puppy paws website screenshot
open gift box

2. Stay true to your business values.

Successful packaging that aligns with your branding extends past the same colors and typeface. It also brings in factors such as brand values and missions. For example, if your pet business is all about sustainability, it would probably be important to market that on your packaging and have biodegradable packaging.

Here’s an example of one of our packaging clients that wanted to promote their use of local grains for their dog treats.

two badge icons
two bags of dog treats

3. Keep your packaging simple and straight to the point.

This may go against everything you’ve heard when it comes to standing out, but it’s oh so important. Many brands will immediately over-label and over-complicate their packaging, which can instead make it convoluted and seem too sales-focused.

Here’s an example of extremely simple and effective branding for pet products. Take a look at the simplicity across all products and print materials. This is typically way more effective than over-complicated designs.

open gift box with dog leash
three designed product tags

If you took one minute to think of a product you really love and consistently use, you could probably tell us the important things you love about their packaging, correct? It’s the little things that stand out the most when it comes to packaging, which is why simple is better for effective packaging.

Between unique textures, simple environmental or humanitarian effort labels, or sayings that make you smile, brands invest a lot of money in packaging to capture a loyal audience. And they do it for a reason. It pays off.

Why? Because people LOVE labels and packaging that resonate with them. As a pet business entrepreneur, or even as a pet owner yourself, you are probably familiar with your favorite pet business products. When looking at the product, what do you feel? What do you think? These are important factors that, believe it or not, extend way past your satisfaction with the product itself. Spooky, huh?

If you have any questions on packaging for your own brand, let’s chat.

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