Signature Branding Package

Your brand is at the heart of everything you do.

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That’s why, as important as your visual branding and design is to the whole picture, it’s about much more than that, too.

Your brand is more than a logo, an eye-catching color palette, flashy typography, and hand-drawn icons and graphics. Do we love these things? Yes, duh!!! We’re here for alllll things #droolworthy at Dox Design.

But, we’re also here for what’s going to work for the long haul. No quick fixes. No get-rich-quick schemes. No surface-level solutions.

And that, fur friends, is the beauty and brains of our Signature Branding Package.

We’re not here to mess around. We’re here to bring your story to life through visual storytelling.

With our team’s combined years of experience, learning, and growing, our Signature Branding Package follows a process that is proven to leave you strapped for success in reaching that next phase of your business with ALL the tools you need to share your brand story with visuals and words in a way that will resonate with your target audience.

The Droolworthy Details

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First, we’d love to hear the 411 on your project needs! Send us an inquiry or a quick DM on the ‘gram and we’ll get back to you within 2 business days.


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Whether you prefer to chat over the phone, video call, email, or even Instagram DMs, we’ll set up a day and time for us to go through your inquiry, project needs, and next steps. Think of this call as a no-pressure vibe check to see if we’re a good fit for each other!


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This phase is where we take a deep dive on your intentions with your brand: tone, feel, personality, and what you’re looking to portray in the marketplace to showcase your brand story.


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From what we uncover during the Discovery Phase, we’ll then start curating your brand board. This will help us create the vibe of your brand, AKA your personal stamp in the marketplace. When we’re both on the same page with your brand story, we then translate it into your full identity, which includes visual sales assets used for your marketing and promotion.


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Once you love the brand (95% of our clients have NO changes after the brand presentation) we will finalize + deliver all the files from the Exploration Phase! Our process is designed for you to use your brand to its maximum potential, so we’ll use this phase to show you exactly where and how far your brand can go with a full brand identity plus social media templates.


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We love continuing to support our fur friends with ongoing design projects through our VIP Design Days and Marketing Bundle! From packaging design to graphics, guides, and more, we’re dedicated to telling your story in new and exciting ways to keep your brand compelling on all communication channels.


Don’t just take our word for it.

The Droolworthy Deliverables. Here’s what we’ll be creating to bring your brand story to life:

Custom Logo Suite
We believe that each brand is uniquely its own—no questions asked— and that’s why we do everything, including logo design, from scratch! You’ll get a 100% custom-to-you logo suite that includes all the variations you need for websites, social media, email, print materials, apparel, packaging, and more!

Your Visual Toolbox
Allllll the goodies and more can be found here!

Dox Design will package your…
• custom color palette
• font selections
• illustrations
• hand-crafted icons
• patterns
• and more!

… in one neat and tidy resource to create your visual brand story.


Social Media Bundle
Let’s get social, with your custom social media bundle! Includes a branded profile and cover image plus 4 ready-to-use social media templates in Adobe Illustrator or Canva. If you are a Canva fan, we’ll even set up your brand kit in your account for you!

Brand Guidelines
This in-depth document pulls together all of your brand identity pieces in one place, with everything you will need to successfully use your new brand. We don’t just build strong brands—we build strong, independent business-owners, too!

Are you ready to experience the magic of bringing your brand story to life?!

3 payments of $3,500

Still on the fence?

Here’s a glimpse at what our Signature Branding Package can do for you…

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Attracts your ideal customers

When you have a deep understanding of your ideal customer, and #droolworthy branding and design created specifically to resonate with your ideal customer, then you’re able to turn one-time buyers into loyal customers for LIFE. That’s the key to growing your business—and it all begins with branding and design


hand holding up a graph of growth

Room for more sales & growth 

When you have #droolworthy branding and design in place, created specifically with your ideal customer in mind, that’s when the magic happens. What if you could see a 229% increase in your online sales, like Dogs of Charm City? Or like Belly Rubs, selling more treat bags in 10 weeks after a packaging overhaul than the previous 19 weeks? Or a 100% increase in Instagram followers like Modern Companion?


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Take your business to new heights

When we create your branding and design, we set you up for success with an entire toolkit with everything you need to maintain a consistent, #droolworthy presence that stands out. Your brand toolkit will include fonts, color palette, fonts, custom-designed brand patterns and icons, illustrations, and more so you can feel confident carrying your brand EVERYWHERE!


You might have questions… we have answers.

How long does it take to complete my brand?

It typically takes 6 weeks for us to complete a brand depending on what add-ons you have selected (copywriting, packaging design, website design, etc.) 

Discovery Phase: 2 Week
Exploration Phase: 2 Weeks
Delivery Phase: 2 Week

How will we communicate throughout the creation process?

At the start of your project, we will set up three calls to check in throughout the process.

We’ll check in with you for the Discovery Phase and the Exploration Phase which will both will be done over a quick 15 minute call. Once we wrap up the brand we will do one final call to walk through everything, with the final files delivered through Google Drive.

If you wish to schedule additional calls throughout the process, no problem! We have a link where you can book them, but note that calls under an hour will still be billed an hourly rate for our time.

What if I want to keep my logo?

We have quite a few clients who go through our Signature Branding Process with a logo they want to keep. As we always say here at Dox Design: a brand is more than a logo. Our team will build your new brand around the existing logo, creating something new and exciting (and #droolworthy!) that expands the familiar design you love. 

We will also provide a few tweaks to refresh it and offer multiple versions of your logo so you can use it across multiple mediums. 

A few projects where we went this route can be found below: 

Modern Dog Co
Eola Pets

Note: Keeping your existing logo will not impact the price of our branding package.

How will I implement my new brand?

Our team organizes your new brand in a way that is easy for you to use across all mediums. We provide you with all finalized files organized in all formats you will need as well as brand guidelines to keep your brand consistent. We also organize your Canva to facilitate building new projects for your new brand. 

Need extra support implementing your new brand? Check out our Design Lab an exclusive program just for our branding clients!

What if I want to make changes to my new brand?
No sweat! While many of our clients find they don’t need changes after the brand presentation, we are more than happy to work through revisions. Just communicate your changes with our team, and we will confirm with you before implementing them. Revisions take about a week, and we will do up to two rounds on your brand.
What if I don’t like my new brand?
Luckily, this has never been an issue! Our process is innately collaborative, and you will be involved every step of the way to make sure you leave our program with an end result you love.
Do you trademark my new brand?

As we aren’t lawyers ourselves we cannot assist that process, but we are more than happy to connect you with contacts we have worked with in the past! 

We want to make sure your name is usable, so we ask that you check your business name isn’t trademarked by another company prior to signing up for our branding process. 

If your chosen name is not available, we offer naming services to work with you before passing you on to a lawyer for trademarking!