Dox Design Marketing Bundle

$600.00 / month for 6 months

It’s no secret that everything that goes into marketing your small businesses is A LOT more time-consuming than it’s made out to be.

From strategy to designing graphics, writing captions, creating a content calendar, cross-promoting your posts, repurposing content, and every little detail in between, social media can be a biiiig headache—especially when you already have so much on your plate!

Maybe you’ve tried some things to simplify the process, but it’s still not quite working out how you’d hoped.

Well now it will with Dox Design Marketing Bundle
Well we’ll take the design part of your social media away for you

What’s Included:

  • 10 personally branded marketing assets per month designed to align with your brand guidelines, including Instagram Reel covers, feed graphics, Instagram Live graphics, story graphics, blog graphics, & more!
  • Access to our exclusive resources vault including images, freebies, illustration packs, templates, & more
  • Monthly video content ideas with marketing covers (included in the 10) for repurposing your content for Reels, blogs, videos, & more
  • Caption generator for each graphic to help get the creative juices flowing when planning your posts
  • Monthly group strategy video with our team to show you how to maximize your assets and ideas that mont




1. What if I don’t have a brand or guidelines right now?
Give us your logo and we can design graphics directly from your logo 

2. How long will I get access to Dox assets?
For as long as you are in the monthly program. 

3. Will you all do our social media for us?
We will create 10 design assets in your brand you can use monthly on any of your social platforms based on our monthly topics in your industry.

4. Will everyones 10 assets be the same?
NO! these are personally branded to you (in brand colors and fonts) for your industry.

5. What if I have a custom graphic or topic I want created?
When you submit your logo, you can provide us with themes you need for the next 6 months. 

Our design experts will take your logo and design the bulk of your marketing based around monthly holidays and topics we are focusing on that month. So you are never lacking content. 

If you’d like custom pieces you can always book our Design Days.

6. What type of assets will I be getting?
Each month you will get 10 designs assets in your brand that will be for Instagram, Pinterest, Reel Covers, and more. We will also be providing you with a caption generator for each graphic AND monthly video content to hop on the Reel train that can also be repurposed for blogs, posts, etc.

7. What if I would like to stay in the program longer than 6 months?
We will auto draft your account on the same date each month. Your account will auto renew after 6 months unless you send an email stating month 6 is your completed month.

8. What if I want edits to the graphics?
This program includes no edits to the graphics.

The fine print:

  • 6 months commitment
  • No edits