Nominate a shelter for Pro Bono design work!

All animals are near and dear to our hearts (especially doggos), and at the heart of every animal-lover is the desire to help our furry friends in need. Dox Design is happy to step in for animal shelters, rescues and animal-focused organizations with beautiful branding and design work pro bono.

Often times, non-profit organizations like shelters and rescues lack the marketing budget required to undergo branding and design services, but that doesn’t mean they’re any less deserving of creative help. Dox Design is able to take on one shelter, rescue or animal-focused organization for our Pro Bone-O program per quarter—that’s four organizations a year who can receive donated branding and design services!

Do you know of an organization who can use our help? Nominate your favorite animal-focused organization below to be considered to undergo our Miniature Branding Package. Please fill out the form below to apply today!

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