Printing Resources For Your Business and Branding Materials

If you ask around, some might say that print marketing is a thing of the past. Everyone and everything is online these days, so wouldn’t that be the best way to reach your audience? As small business owners ourselves, we’re here to tell you that this idea is false, ESPECIALLY for product/retail companies! While digital platforms have been rapidly booming over the past decade, printing services have been keeping up with the technology.

At Dox Design, we like to take a mixed marketing approach: reaching your audience digitally and tangibly. Can you really have a business without a business card, at the very least? And, there are other ways you can expand your audience, be it through postcards, stickers, banners, you name it!

If you start your search for the best printing services with Google, you’re likely to get overwhelmed. There are also many outdated platforms out there, and if you know only one thing about Dox Design, you should know we’re all about the modern touches. This is incredibly important especially because young Millennials have taken over the large part of the purchasing behavior for a majority of products and services across the globe.

So, Fur Friends, Dox Design wanted to compile a list of our recommended printing resources for your business and branding materials:


We’re big fans of MOO because they are so versatile for businesses small and large. They offer premium quality paper stocks, a great variety of creative and special finishes and designs, and, most importantly, have awesome customer support. Check out their long list of services and products—if you came just for the business cards, you might be tempted to go for all sorts of different stationery!

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Product packaging is more important than you think. When your clients and customers receive a custom, branded box, they’re more likely to think, “Wow… this business is legit!” Packlane has all your boxing and packaging needs covered, and they’re known for their ultra-professional but attractive designs. With so many different style boxes, you’re guaranteed to get inspired. Use our referral link and start thinking outside the box (no pun intended 😉)!

P.S. Browse our portfolio to see some of our brand packaging work.


Sticker Mule
Stickers aren’t just for kids. For some reason, adults LOVE stickers, too (just admit it!). For the consumer, stickers are a fun, unique way to show off their interests. For the business owner, stickers help spread the word. You see them everywhere: laptops, cars, light poles, etc. Some even use it for their packaging on bags, to secure envelopes or boxes. With Sticker Mule, you get incredibly convenient and easy services without losing any of the quality (all their products are weatherproof!).

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UPrinting.com is a leading printing business that’s been dedicated to socially responsible and eco-friendly printing support since 2000. They might seem like the “big box” of online printing and marketing services, but their commitment to support non-profit and environmental organizations really sets them apart from the rest. Plus, the amount of marketing materials, stationery, and products they offer is off the charts!


Canva might be considered the holy grail of free online graphic design for newbies or ‘non-designer DIYers.’ But did you know they print, too? One of the reasons Canva is so popular is because of how easy it is to use. Even the most uncreative of people find themselves design aficionados once they begin using Canva! Their vast catalog of designs and templates are up to speed with the latest trends and most marketable aesthetics. They are the go-to social media graphic designers. Don’t believe us? Try Canva with our referral link! And if you need a little extra support to take your designs up a notch, we even sell our specialized Canva design templates for pet businesses in the shop here.


Dox Design
Duh! This one’s a no-brainer, and we’re not shy to recommend ourselves, because we got what it takes to take your design and branding to the next level. We’re talking #droolworthy design, after all! And this isn’t just for our 1:1 branding clients. In our shop, we’ve got different styles of business cards, postcards, and rack cards to meet your small business branding needs. Check out the templates we have for sale—and the best part? We’ll do all the customizing and printing for you!

When you work with us, you’re guaranteed #droolworthy brands that get to the heart of your business’s values and communicates them to the world. But if you’re still not sure, hit up our freebies and get downloadable FREE resources to help your business and brand grow!

P.S. While some of these above links are affiliate links (which means we may earn a commission on some of the linked resources at no extra cost to you), Dox Design would not recommend them to you as resources if we didn’t believe in them for businesses like yours!

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