How to Use Stock Imagery the Right Way

Picture Perfect


Do you find yourself constantly searching for the perfect picture to post? Or maybe you aren’t super stratified with the images you have on your website?

Finding great images can be a challenge. Maybe because:

You don’t know where to look; or You don’t know what to look for

You can stop your search! I am going to tell you the best places to search for great stock photography. Let me preface this by saying, if you want truly unique images for your brand, invest in a photo shoot.

But I understand budgets and timelines, so let’s go with the second-best option, stock images. Gone are the days of Shutterstock and iStock. Yes, these images are cheap, but they also tend to be staged and overused. There are many high-quality sites that are user-curated and … wait for it, FREE!

Here are some of the best places to search for free stock photography (and also royalty-free):




 Death to Stock Photos



Some great paid stock photography sites include:

• Stocksy/Stocksy United

• Offset


Now you have a better starting place to find some higher quality photos, let your brand shine! Remember, not every photo is right for every business. Stay true to yourself and your brand and let the images you choose reflect that.

Do you need help pulling together an asset library that truly reflects your brand? Look no further, we are here to help!

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