Why Starting a Website Before You Have a Logo is Messy

Peanut Butter & Websites

Do you have a new business idea and need a website right away? 

Great! You came to the right place. 

We at Dox Design want your business to succeed and grow! So, if you currently don’t have a logo for your brand or any sense of your visual direction, I am going to stop you right here. Why? You MUST have a good understanding of your visual branding before even starting to create a website!

Starting a website before you have defined the visual guidelines of your business will led to a disjointed experience.

Think about it this way. When you visit Target.com, you will see their red bull’s-eye logo, red buttons, and fresh type that is bold just like Target’s messaging. There is no mistaking or questioning whether you are in the right place.

This is because Target started with their visual branding first (their brand color palette, typefaces, logo and even messaging). If you start a website before you even have your colors chosen, you could end up having to go back and change it once your brand becomes more established.

It’s just like trying to put a Kong over a glob of peanut butter, instead of putting the peanut butter into the Kong. You have to start with the bigger picture and see how all the pieces of your brand fit together! Or else you might miss something, just like you would miss some of the peanut butter.

Okay, maybe that isn’t the best analogy. But trust us on this! If you do, we promise your web experience will be much more successful. 

For consistency and a strong brand that everyone will recognize, start here.

If you already have a logo you love and need a digital experience to match, start here.

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