How we leveled up a unique pet sitting brand with custom illustrations and branding.

Our team worked with East Paws Pet Services to create a one-of-a-kind brand for their one-of-a-kind company. A new logo, patterns and overall brand was implemented by our team. Dox Design then worked with East Paws to create new print pieces, digital email campaigns and more. 

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Lucky Dogs Canine Services 

Lucky Dogs Canine Services is a full-service pet store, dog walker, mobile groomer, and pet sitter—they truly do it all! After nearly 20 years of business, Lucky Dogs had a disjointed web experience that fell short at clearly representing their robust service offerings. They were also supporting two disjo ... 

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Cookies For A Cure

When Belly Rubs Pet Care approached Dox Design for branding help for their new giveback initiative, Cookies For A Cure, we couldn’t say no! This program takes a portion of sales from their dog treat bar and physical dog treat product and donates it to organizations dedicated to finding a cure...

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Puppy Paws Coffee Company 

Puppy Paws Coffee Company is an online provider of specialty coffee and tea that donates 50% of their proceeds to animal shelters and rescues—aka our dream client! They reached out to Dox Design to help with a quick promo card, which turned into an overhaul of their brand…

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Lake Erie Pet Food Co. 

Lake Erie Pet Food Company is a Midwest-based dog food delivery service that delivers healthy pet food to our furry friends. As the brand was entering a growth phase, expanding into the retail space, they approached Dox Design to help define their visual brand to help prepare for this transition...

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Pet Boss Nation 

Pet Boss Nation is a consulting group for brick and mortar pet stores with over 2,000 members! Candace approached Dox Design to help refresh their brand as well as establish guidelines and templates her team could follow to ensure they were consistently portraying themselves in the market... 

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Beer City Biscuits 

Beer City Biscuits is a Midwestern company that uses spent grains from breweries to create delicious and natural dog treats. We helped Beer City Biscuits with their branding by crafting a logo that symbolized beer, love, and of course, puppers. In the next phase, we helped them create their packaging...

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Happy Dog Mom 

Happy Dog Mom is an influencer blog that is centered around the science of happiness for our pets and the special bond dogs and humans share. When the Happy Dog Mom herself reached out to help with the design of her website, we happily agreed to collaborate. Dox Design helped with the full design

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Golden Wellness Dog

Golden Wellness Dogs is a Vermont-based company that sells organic turmeric products for dogs. With a growing customer base, Golden Wellness approached Dox Design to help create a website that to clearly communicate their product and showcase current customers 

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A Pleasant Dog 

A Pleasant Dog is a positive, gentle training facility for dogs in Grand Rapids with a uniquely vintage brand. A Pleasant Dog approached Dox Design to help with an event poster and social media campaign about their positive training, which lead to a two-year relationship. Over the years, we’ve created multiple social media ...

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Paws in Mind

Paws in Mind is a consulting company for pet businesses that helps coach other “petprenuers” how to succeed. We helped create a brand for Paws in Mind by crafting a logo that played off of the owner’s original business and Dox Design client, Paws on Pine, a New York dog-sitting business... 

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Paws On Pine

Paws on Pine is a New York-based dog-walking and pet-sitting service that focuses on one-on-one pet care. After 10 years in business, Paws on Pine had an exhausted website that had become crowded and not-so user friendly. Dox Design helped modernize their website by focusing on relevant content... 

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Pet Boss Club 

Pet Boss Nation’s Club is a coaching and consulting community, bringing profits to pet businesses. We partnered with Pet Boss Nation to design monthly social media graphics for their club members to use for their marketing materials. Because they weren’t tied to another brand, we were able to experiment with colors ...

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