My Dog is a Badass

Which is Why I am Obsessed with Zuu Dog Wear

Like every other 20-something obsessed with her dogs (#DOGMOM4LIFE), every day I strive to find dog brands as thoughtful and different as my dog’s personalities. 

You may already know this; I have two Dachshunds, a girl and a boy. If you are a dog brand, I am your ideal client! If it’s anything to do with dogs, I will probably buy it

But lately, I have seen a trend that goes a little something like this. A business owner looks at a customer “similar” to me and generalizes them into a “user persona” like the one below.

1. Female

2. 20s 

3. Social media-obsessed

4. Dog Mom 

5. Probably drives a love bug (Ha! Joke’s on you, I drive a Jeep!) 

Then, they say, “Let’s make a product with dog paws on it! She’ll love it and she”ll buy it.” But will I ?

(Heck, chances are I probably will buy whatever generic dog product you put in front of me.) But, will Instagram about it? Will I tell all my other dog mom friends about it? Probably not.

Why? Because there is something you left out of my “user persona.” I have two dogs. Finley (the girl) is the laziest and cuddliest dog you will ever meet. She loves to perch on top of the couch and look out the window. She rarely plays with her toys and only likes peanut butter-flavored treats. Mr. Ferb is the most loyal dog you will ever meet! He is my shadow, best friend, and will furiously fight for me even against the biggest dogs.

Which leads me to the entire point of this blog post. My dog is a badass. Now that dog paw-patterned shirt might work for me for a while; but it won’t create a brand loyalist out of me. But you know what will? Zuu Dogwear.

Zuu Dogwear is a London-based urban dog brand that is a collection of street wear for dogs. GENIUS RIGHT? I mean look how cute Ferb and Fin looks in their Badass Grey Hoodie (which you can get here.)You really can’t beat this!

Why? Because Katie’s branding was done the right way! 

She looked beyond a “generic user persona” and really got down to the core of what her brand was. She targeted a certain group of dog lovers (ME); not every dog mom out there. Not to mention, she took the essence of her brand and created some killer visuals to go along with it.

This is how it is done; and what we can help you do at Dox Design Studio.

Want to create a brand that people are loyal too? Don’t know where to start?

Start here.

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