Master Your Brand with Claire Wolfson of BeanGoods

Ever wonder how these pet brands out there are seriously #killingit when it comes to their cult followings, instant brand recognition, and seemingly endless success? Would you want a chance to hear their brand secrets, best tips, and stories? Dox Design did, too, which is why we put together the top brands in the pet space and interviewed them just for you, Fur Friends!

As pet industry designers, we know a thing or two about what a #droolworthy brand can do for your success. I mean, there’s a reason we’re in business. So, we decided to pull some of the most valuable pieces from each interview in the Master Your Brand Webinar Series and provide you with some tangible steps you can take to master your own brand.

We kicked off the series with one of our FAVORITE brands, BeanGoods.

If you haven’t noticed, we’re obsessed with all da weeeeens in existence. So this brand, founded by Claire Wolfsten, naturally caught our eyes. When the planning for the interview series began, she was at the top of the list – and for good reason. Claire has a knack for knowing her products, her audience, and her mission, which is necessary to master your brand, especially in a smaller and more targeted niche. Without further adieu, here are some of the most important highlights we pulled from Claire’s interview.

To Master Your Brand, You Need To Start Somewhere

First things first, it simply…takes time. As you pull things together or even as you even begin the initial planning stages of your business, don’t get discouraged. Brand awareness doesn’t happen overnight.

As Claire mentioned, she felt like she was stumbling around before she felt truly confident in her brand. And that’s a-okay! She didn’t start out with 60,000 people following her or six-figures in annual sales, and you won’t either. That’s just how it goes. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get there in the future.

Build the Framework With Guidance

Do you have a business plan? Branding guidelines?

It may not be something you look at every single day, but it’s still important to build that framework and organization. These tools can provide you with the clarity you need to really take things to the next level.

Her two pieces of advice when it comes to building a framework?

  1. Take your business seriously
  2. Get guidance

Whether it’s a business coach, a designer, an intern/assistant, someone who just has more experience than you, just do it. And, more than that, do it early on. Because it’ll be worth it. If you don’t take your business seriously, why would your customers?

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Don’t Be Scared To Niche Down

Yes, we can all admit that it’s scary – Dox Design included! Let me tell you, there was an immediate anxiety that accompanied the thought of specializing in the pet industry. I mean, what about all the other thousands of businesses out there who need branding? I felt like I would lose out of that business.

One, that’s just not true (not all of our clients who reach out are pet businesses). And, two, how much more likely are pet businesses going to pick me over a generic web designer?

That’s why niching down can be so powerful to the success of your business. Claire’s tagline for BeanGoods is ‘not your grandma’s dachshund shop.’ 

Can you imagine how many people she potentially and likely alienated with that tagline? But that’s a WONDERFUL thing. Not only did she focus on a specific dog breed, but she also narrowed it down to younger Millennials and fashionable Dachshund owners. 

So, even with the ‘lost’ customers, she built a huge, loyal following of those who feel like Claire just gets them. And that, my fur friends, is why she’s successful. 

Stick To What You Believe In

It can be easy to stray from your target audience and niche in order to get more people purchasing your products, but it isn’t necessarily the best idea long-term for your brand.

As mentioned in the interview, it really boils down to trust. Her followers trust her and she trusts them. Whether it’s feedback, support, or love, they’ve got it going both ways!

The only way to build trust is to be your true, genuine, and authentic self. If you stick to what you believe in, you’ll find others who believe in the same mission. That’s when a brand is born.

If you have customers telling you, ‘You get me,’ you have a brand. That in itself is branding. 

It doesn’t have to be perfect to put it out there

Claire’s best advice? Just start. Just do it. Whatever way you want to say it. Just GET TO IT!

Put it out in the world and see what happens. You don’t need to have all the answers to get started and make progress.

And hey, if it fails, that doesn’t mean it’s over. Pick yourself up and realize there’s another way to move forward.

Some tangible steps from the interview:

  1. Talk with ideal customers to get feedback 
  2. Add a gif to your emails to add some heart/personality/engagement
  3. See who can help you get to where you need to be (designer, coach, VA, etc.)
  4. Be genuine and focus on your mission. What do you want your impact to be?
  5. Get some accountability. Join our group and tell us what you’re going to start or grow this year.
  6. Find your niche. To do this, subscribe above and download our freebie, The “Quick Way To Find Your Ideal Niche.”

To learn more, like…her favorite marketing platforms and what brings in the most ROI for BeanGoods, watch the video by subscribing below.

Stay tuned for more interviews coming your way – let’s Master Your Brand this year!

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