Marketing Bundle

How much time & hassle could you save with social media design support?

Animating client logos with styleguide

You’d probably have way more capacity & creativity to dedicate to the things you actually LOVE doing, don’tcha think?

It’s no secret that everything that goes into social media management is A LOT more time consuming than it’s made out to be… especially the design part of things!

Once you finally have your content calendar mapped out for the week, it’s not just about writing captions and scheduling posts—you also have to make sure to have graphics that go along with your content to actually make your posts STAND OUT.

And now, it’s not only square graphics you have to design… but also story slides, Reel covers, blog graphics, Pinterest graphics, and more. Static graphics are one thing, but there’s so much more to it than that now to keep up with!

Maybe you’ve tried some things to simplify the process, but it’s still not quite working out how you’d hoped. Sure, there are design templates you can purchase or download for free online to help make social media design a more seamless process… but it’s never really that simple, is it?

What if instead of feeling…

❌  Overwhelmed by DIYing your entire social media look & feel

❌  Like you have to compromise on your brand standards for the sake of saving you time

❌  Frustrated about not having enough time in your day to accomplish everything on your to-do list

❌ Like you want to hire out design support, but that it’s going to cost way out of your budget


You could feel…

✅  At ease knowing you have a team of professionals to support you with social media

✅  Confident in the look & feel of your content living up to your brand vibe & personality

✅  Excited to regain time, space, & creativity in your day, knowing social media wasn’t falling to the wayside

✅  Relieved knowing you can get ALL of this & more at an affordable price point!


Now you can with

Dox Design Marketing Bundle!

A social media design support program for business owners & entrepreneurs who want a #droolworthy social media presence, without spending tons of time & money to design it all themselves. 

You shouldn’t have to spend tons of your own time and energy to STAND OUT from the pack as a top dog in your industry with #droolworthy social media graphics!

We also believe that you shouldn’t have to fork over a ton of money to get the kind of design support you’re looking for to be seen as a leader in your space.

Droolworthy design is a huge piece of that puzzle, and we’re here to bring you to that next level.

Get the monthly social media design support you need—all in one convenient bundle!

The Dox Design Marketing Bundle is the ultimate social media design support program for entrepreneurs, at an affordable price point.

When you enroll in the marketing bundle, you’ll have access to professionally designed graphics custom to your brand, monthly video content ideas, and more from the Dox Design team!

Rise up as a Top Dog in your space with #droolworthy social media design that’s unmatched by the rest with…

10 Done For Your Marketing Assets
designed to align with your brand guidelines, including Instagram Reel covers, feed graphics, Instagram Live graphics, story graphics, blog graphics, & more!

Getting Your Brand In Order
We will pick fonts, colors, and elements based on your logo and help you get a consistent brand together in your marketing.

Access to Our Vault
including images, freebies, illustration packs, templates, & more

Monthly Video Content Ideas
with marketing covers (included in the 10) for repurposing your content for Reels, blogs, videos, & more


Monthly Captions + Caption Prompts
for each graphic you get a bank of pre-written captions or if you would rather write your own caption prompts to help get the creative juices flowing when planning your posts

Monthly Posting
Once you are in our group, if you wish, our team will schedule out your 10 graphics and captions for you each month!

Private Community
our exclusive Facebook Group that shows you how to maximize your assets and ideas that month and answers your social media questions

There truly is no other program like Droolworthy Marketing Bundle!


How It Works

person looking at a yellow computer

STEP 1 | Sign up now!

Sign up for the Dox Design Marketing Bundle & you’ll be granted immediate access to our vault of assets & private community—where our live Q&A sessions, strategy calls, exclusive resources, & more will be located


person looking at a yellow computer

STEP 2 | Give us the deets

We’ll reach out to you via email to get you onboarded as an honorary member! In this email, you’ll send us all your brand guidelines so we can be ready to go creating your hand branded graphics.


person looking at a yellow computer

STEP 3 | Monthly deliveries

Each month, we’ll deliver your 10 custom graphics straight to you with your brand colors, fonts, & patterns already plugged in.We’ll continue supporting you monthly with custom graphics, strategy calls in our private community, new resources added to the vault, & more!


Wondering if Dox Design Marketing Bundle is for you? This deliverable program might be a great fit if…

• You’re a super busy business owner or entrepreneur (brick & mortar or online business!)

• You’re seeking more ease in your day-to-day business operations, especially when it comes to social media

• You want social media design support

• You’re looking to increase engagement and level up your presence on your social media channels

• You love a community environment & collaboration!

Get Graphics & Reels Like These…

You might have questions… we have answers.

What if I don’t have a brand or guidelines right now?

No worries! Just give us your logo and we can design graphics directly from your logo  helping you define your brand along the way!

How long will I get access to Dox assets?

For as long as you are in the monthly program. 

Will you all do our social media for us?

We will create 10 design assets in your brand you can use monthly on any of your social platforms based on our monthly topics in your industry.

Will everyones 10 assets be the same?

NO! these are personally branded to you (in brand colors and fonts) for your industry.

What if I have a custom graphic or topic I want created?

When you submit your logo, you can provide us with themes you need for the next 6 months. 

Our design experts will take your logo and design the bulk of your marketing based around monthly holidays and topics we are focusing on that month. So you are never lacking content. 

If you’d like custom pieces you can always book our Design Days.

What type of assets will I be getting?

Each month you will get 10 designs assets in your brand that will be for Instagram, Pinterest, Reel Covers, and more. We will also be providing you with a caption generator for each graphic AND monthly video content to hop on the Reel train that can also be repurposed for blogs, posts, etc.

What if I would like to stay in the program longer than 6 months?

We will auto draft your account on the same date each month. Your account will auto renew after 6 months unless you send an email stating month 6 is your completed month.

What if I want edits to the graphics?

This program includes no edits to the graphics however each month we will be providing you with the Canva links of your 10 assets so you can go in and make any quick tweaks and reuse the designs if  you wish!

What is the commitment for this bundle?

We work in 6 months commitments in this program!

Are you ready to go from drab to droolworthy online?