Meet Kaila: A dog-obsessed girl living in a design world.

Hi! I’m Kaila, Owner and Principal Designer at Dox Design, and dog-mom to two spoiled dachshunds. I’ve been a (mildly) crazy dog lady my whole life, so naturally, I can’t help but talk about design, branding and marketing in dog analogies (it gets a little weird at times, but bear with me—I promise to always make it relevant!)


The team at Dox Design is uber-dedicated to producing the highest quality work for our clients, but we still like to keep things lighthearted around here. Because let’s be real: you’ve gotta work like a dog to play like a dog!

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So… how does Dox Design help grow your customer base?

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1. We put the spotlight on your exceptional product or service.

You started your business because you’re passionate about what you do, and because you saw a need to fill in the marketplace. Whether you offer a product or service, your customers come to you because you do it better than your competition or than what they could for themselves. So if you’ve got it, flaunt it!

Once you’ve laid the foundation for what it takes to run a successful business, Dox Design partners with you to build upon that foundation by:

  • Uncovering your brand story and effectively communicating it with your audience
  • Producing unique, on-brand design elements to make you stand out
  • Adding an extra layer of legitimacy to propel your business to the next level of success

Just as you work hard every day to live your passion, we at Dox Design also aspire to work as hard and as passionately every day to support businesses like yours to succeed.

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2. We help your brand stay relevant with your target audience.

Looking great is essential to taking a business to the next level; but first and foremost, a successful business must have a clear, thoughtful strategy in place. At Dox Design, we ensure our clients start with a customer-focused strategy so your business can see a bigger return on investment from the time, energy and resources you put forth to stand out. Quite the undertaking, right? Woof.

If your company is preparing to scale, Dox Design will help you establish your marketing and customer service strategies first, and then we’ll dive into the fun part: designing! This method has proven itself most effective in helping our clients not only improve their aesthetic across all communication channels, but also seeing their biggest return on investment in elevating both the digital and in-person experience.

If you’re a brand-new company, Dox Design will get to know you inside and out so we can hook you up with a brand that’s spot-on. From logo design to web, print, and social media, we can do it all. And someday, when it’s time for your brand to evolve (and trust us, that day will come), we’ll be with you every step of the way to give your brand the refresh it needs. From your logo to your website, social media, and print and digital collateral, we’ll make sure all customer touch points are updated to stay relevant in the market.

Truth bomb: Be prepared to continuously give your brand the TLC it needs so your company can stay up to snuff. The good news? Dox will be here to help you continue to execute a thoughtful, on-brand aesthetic as your sales, marketing, and operational strategies evolve. We’ve got you!

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3. We’ll set you up for success to consistently and purposefully present your brand.

This is where Dox Design truly excels the most in supporting businesses like yours! We believe that a brand is more than just your logo. Customers take one look at your product packaging, website, and business cards,  and form an opinion in 10 seconds or less. This is communicated through the colors you choose, the typeface of your copy, and the images that support your brand.

Dox Design aims to ensure the aesthetic you portray is in-line with the message you want to portray to your audience. By taking the time to build a relationship with our clients, we make the most strategic decisions to develop top-notch brands. The team at Dox will create unique elements for your brand such as textures or illustrations to make you stand out and have your customers begging for more.

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4. We’ll help you deliver more of what your customers want.

Last but not least, Dox Design can help you give your clients more of what they actually want. Using data from Google Analytics and other tools, we’ll create better messaging and imagery for your brand that aligns with your customer: Their wants, their needs, and what they love about your products and/or services.

Based on our research, we’ll build customer profiles with demographic and psychographic information—things like age, gender, location, household income, occupation, colors and imagery they respond to best, etc. These profiles are extremely helpful for both your team and ours to consistently provide your audience with the content, products and services they’re seeking out.

As we learn more about your customer and their relationship with your brand, we’ll help your brand become top of mind so they stay loyal for life.

Ready to make your customers beg for more?