How to Pick a Color Palette that Works for Your Brand

Is Your Business Hot or Cold?


No, we aren’t talking about weather in today’s blog post. We are talking about which colors are right for your brand. So, what does hot and cold have to do with the colors for your brand, you ask? Well, let’s jump right in.

Selecting a color for your brand can be overwhelming as there are infinite possibilities. But, you want to make sure the color(s) evoke the right feeling and complement what you are selling. One of the fastest ways to narrow down a color palette is to choose warm or cool colors for your brand. (graphic of warm and cool)

Warm colors evoke a sense of urgency. They can be deep and intense and include oranges and yellows. They can be playful when brighter, but also more romantic when used in a deeper tone.

Cool colors give a sense of calmness. They are more tranquil and gentle and include blues and purples. Cool colors can recede when used in lighter tones helping content stand out, but they can also be livelier when used in a vibrant manner.

Just from these two simple descriptions, you probably identified with some of the words and how you want your customers to feel about your brand. Calm and serene or vibrant and intense. That can be your starting place for defining a color palette.

Once you have a starting place, I suggest selecting three to five colors for your brand. You don’t want too many colors where your marketing starts to look like a rainbow, but you also don’t want a limited palette that becomes washed out and boring.

Now you have an idea of the “feeling” you want your colors to evoke. But there are some basic rules to follow. Cool colors and warm don’t have to live by themselves, but there are exceptions to mixing the two into your brand (known as color schemes). You can take a deeper dive into what these “rules” are here.

By now you should have identified the feeling you want for your brand and the number of colors you want to include. The last step is to create your color palette. I highly recommend using Adobe’s color product by visiting here.

There are other programs such as Colour Lover or Paletton. The nice thing about Adobe’s product (formerly known as Kuler) is it breaks down the color rules in the upper left corner which is a foolproof way of getting a professional color palette.

What did you come up with? Love your color palette? Share it using #doxcolor101.

Still not satisfied? Let us help you create a professional color palette you’re sure to love.

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