I Call My Dogs Everyday

You Can to With the Petchatz Video Cam


I am a technology nerd. I love the latest and greatest invention that helps make my life easier. You see my background is in UX/UI design. For people outside of the design industry, you might not have a clue what that is, so I’ll explain.

In my old day job, I use to help companies improve their user experiences by implementing digital solutions into their stores, mobile applications, customer portals and much more. 

Now the reason I’m telling you all this is because I know a thing or two about how businesses can weave technology into the everyday life of their consumers. For example, take what PetChatz® did, it is pure genius! 

Facetime for your dog? Who would have ever thought it would be possible? Well my friends, it is!

My friends and I always joked about it, “If only we could see what our dogs are doing when we aren’t home!” But that is all it ever was, a joke. Until a video went viral on my Facebook feed showing a new product where you could call your dog(s) through an application on your phone connected to a camera in your home. Within minutes of this video appearing on social media, my friends, colleagues and even my grandmother tagged me in the video. I thought, this is too good to be true. You are telling me I can actually TALK TO MY DOGS?? without being with them? And right then and there is where they had me! PetChatz® was in my Amazon cart, delivered and installed within a week. 

Honest review: it is the best piece of technology I have purchased this year; and I bought a nest for my house, so that is really saying something. 

Every day when I am out-and-about for long periods of time, I call my dogs on chat mode to check-in. When you do this, it sends out a little jingle that the dogs get used to and they come running to the camera to say “hi.” I can then drop them a treat or just tell them how cute they are. (show screen walkthrough) There is also a silent mode you can use to check on them without getting them all excited. If you are like me, you can’t go an hour without seeing your pups! This feature is extremely useful.


Now from a design perspective, the UI (User Interface) of the app could use some updating (honest review remember!). But other than that, PetChatz® is an excellent example for pet businesses to follow. You need to have an edge over your competition and start thinking about how technology can improve your customer experience. The time has never been better to be innovative. 

If you have something you and your friends joke about (like facetiming with your dogs), act on it! Chances are you aren’t the only one thinking about it.

Are you trying to innovate, but don’t have any ideas? Dox Design Studio can help! Have a great idea, but don’t know how to implement it? Hey, we can help with that too!

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