How to use Pinterest for Design Inspiration in Your Branding

Pinterest is a powerful visual search engine that can provide inspiration for all aspects of branding, including logos, websites, packaging, and product design. It’s a platform that allows you to save and organize images, videos, and other creative content in boards. With over 250 million active monthly users, Pinterest is an excellent resource for anyone looking for design inspiration.

Did you know that we use Pinterest with all of our clients at Dox Design to help in the initial discovery phase with our clients?

First, we spend time getting to know our clients through an in-depth intake form, which gives us a strong understanding of their business and branding direction.

Beyond that, we need to have visual inspiration and a sense of the client’s style as well as likes and dislikes when it comes to design. This helps streamline the process, saving everyone time and money. So we’ve taken to Pinterest for this process and it has worked beautifully!


Here’s how you can get the process started yourself:

Create a Business Account: 

If you’re a business, there’s no reason you shouldn’t have a Business Account on Pinterest! This will give you access to analytics, ad tools, and many other resources to help you get the most out of your experience with Pinterest. 

Build Your Boards:
Once you have your business account set up, start creating boards that align with your branding. For example, you could create boards for “logo inspiration,” “website design,” and “packaging design.” 

Here are a few of the boards we have at Dox Design: 






With your boards set up, it’s time to start searching for design inspiration. Use keywords related to your branding, such as “minimalist logos,” “modern website,” or “playful color palettes.” As you find inspiring content or anything that resonates with you, save it to your boards for future reference! 

Ask yourself the following questions when searching for inspiration:

  • What inspires you visually?
  • What do you imagine your brand design looks like?
  • What do your competitors have going on? How are you going to fill the void and differentiate yourself? 

What to search for:

  • Search for words/feelings related to your business, and don’t overthink it. For example, if you’re a skincare clinic, type in words like “skincare,” “skin clinic,” “skincare branding,” etc. 
  • Search for other things like colors, font styles, patterns, imagery, photos, etc.
  • Once you’ve got a good amount of images (25-50) – look for and note any trends or similarities among the images. (ie. colors, emotion, style, aesthetic – modern/traditional)


Pinterest is an excellent place to connect with other creatives and get inspired by their work. Consider collaborating with other designers (cough cough, like us) to expand your perspective and have an expert take your brand to the next level.  



  • You can pin logos, but this shouldn’t be a main focus. Utilize the pin descriptions and say why you chose that image.
  • Take a peek at the related pins section – it shows related pins and could be useful.
  • Only pin things that feel right. This is very much a “feelings” process and it’s important to listen to what your gut is telling you! 


Follow us on Pinterest, of course! 😉And, when you’re ready to show us those beautiful boards and take things to the next level, let’s connect. We’d love to take your inspiration and turn it into reality!




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